"something that one has earned or gained"

Teacher beating student ass!!!

Man kids these days boy I swear... I really didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up for most of my life... But right before I started going to college I decided on being a history teacher, 1.Because I'm good at teaching people shit and 2. Because history never changes..lol Anyway after seeing this shit, as you y'all are my witness, I'd fuck a kid up!!! I remember I was at Columbia high school in Decatur for summer school and this was about the summer before 11th grade. Anyway this dude I think his name was like Javaris or something was listening to a cd player in class and the teacher took it from him and told him to "He might get it back after class!" and the dude's friend was laughing at him and sayin the teacher tried his ass up.. So javaris stands up, gets in teacher's face and tells him to give him his fucking cd player back and mushed the shit outta the teacher. I was just like damn, then the SRO the size of green mile came and snatched his young ass up.. But seeing this video I would've been crying in that classroom...

Check it out here
Teacher and student fight!

The teacher, listed as Carolyn Jones, said she overheard the student saying she was going to pull Jones’ wig off. The 53-year-old said she took the wig off herself and told the student that she would have to.....



There's nothing worse than talking to a person with a devoid sense of fashion...a robot, who when buying shoes might see something they think is cool, but get white 1's just to be safe. When they dress they think they're thinking out the box, but you have to know whats in the box is to think outside of it!

I say that because a certain person, well a few people used to always come up to me with thier newest purchases and be like "yeah this is what I picked up what do you think?" In this situation I could keep it real and be like " Unless your name is Bret Micheals, get all them damn skulls and roses off that damn t-shirt!" Or "Damn they still make Lugz?.... you mean those are Timbs... You sure?" Now that would be keeping it real... But instead I use tact and still keep it real. "I wouldn't wear it" or "I see what you're going for..." or my favorite "You've got some real hot ideas!"

I mean I actually swore off going to a mall (Military Circle) that's like 6 minutes away, after going in there and seeing nothing but "Ed-Hardyish" knockoff shit,Coogi, Rocawear and LRG... Every dude in the mall wants to look like Wayne/Juelz and every girl thinks Day-Glo colours make them 43% hotter! Plus the armrests in the movies don't lift up and thats so uncivilized...

I mean it's only a matter of time before them young boys start rockin' these... LMAO


Supra Muska Skytops

In my quest for all things Nike Dunk related, I've neglected many a hot shoe, and this is one of them... When I dropped the puerto rican chick off on monday, one of her friends had these on but they were all beat up and shit. So I asked dude what they were and he was like "they're Muskas!" So I was like I thought so, even though I'd never seen them before. So I left and came home and googled the shit out of Chad Muska's name till I found them...
Apparently they're a line of NS non skate shoes, made from "premium materials" and even though they still have features for skateboarding, it's touted as a lifestyle shoe. Even though I swore off buying any new dunks after my Thrashin's (I've seen the summer SB line and I've got 4 words, I am not impressed) I never said anything about buying Supra's right?


Memorial Day

My original plans for memorial day were to hit up a BBQ and then go to see Keyshia Cole at the Afram fest with puerto rican chick...But I really didn't even know what time she was perfoming and the puerto rican chick didn't either, so we were just gonna go out there at dark time... But the BBQ was pretty straight, even though I got my head busted in spades and the chicken was looking kinda suspect... But it came out great and the time I put in the bbq was well worth it... Now I've got itis and going to the afram fest is the last thing on my mind...


Quest for the crown

This is something I've kinda been watching for a real hot minute... I remember first hearing D4L saying something about TI not really being from Bankhead and all that. So now it's coming to a head you got Shawty Lo runnin' around with TI's high school picture and you got TI on the radio saying dudes like a "Dog barkin at the moon, the dog doesn't even know why it's barkin and the moons just gonna keep on shining." So I'm really interested to see what TI's next move is gonna be after this...

Afram Fest Day 1

The afram festival was real cool... my homegirl had told me it was either this weekend or next month so lucky for me I asked somebody who knew somethin about somethin and found out what was up... Anyway the African American festival is supposedly like a celebration of the black culture through events sponsered by different black owned business' and whatnot. But in my experiences in Atlanta and in Virginia, the Afram fest is nothin but a place to go to fresh as hell and get on girls, and the dudes who can't get girls, they just come to start fights and shit... But I went and like a dummy bought a one day bracelet for $10 instead of the weekend for $20, because a puerto rican chick wants to go see Kiesha Cole when she supposedly comes on Monday... but me and my dog Lloyd were in there just chillin, walkin around and meting girls or whatever, and even though I wasn't on it like I should've been I still had a good time.. So at about 6 my dog "Bapman" calls me and is like he's on his way, so after playin phone tag we meet up and this dude is drunk as a dog... hollerin at ANY girl. So we meet up with my other partners he came with "squeek" and "dig" and we just straight clown... Ray J performed some cat in the hat, fake ass "The Dream" type song called "hips" or "lips" then One Chance came out and I fuck with there song "Look at her" with Fabo and they were bout scraight.. Then while Lloyd was performing we were walkin the outskirts tryna find a food place, when all I see is like a mob of people running towards our direction and this skinny half-cast chick just falls and scrapes the shit out of her knees, and the mob is still just stampeding past us, I don't hear shots but still I'm ready to move... I ask this girl what was going on and she was like "I don't know I saw everybody runnin' so I started runnin' too!" LOL


Could that BE anymore lame?

Oneof the cool things about being in Virginia, is that you meet people from everywhere in the US. But the bad thing is everybody brings something from there state that was "all the rage". I don't know if this is just a Virginia thing, but I see a lot of people with there state flags flying. To me I think that it's not a good look at all... What about you?


I Wanna Be Your Dog - Iggy Pop & The Stooges

Many things make this a great song.. The heaviness and the lo-fi-ness of the guitar or how the piano stabs and sleighbells really complete the song much like the cowbell on "Don't fear the reaper". But what really draws me to the song is the lyrics... now I'm not gonna front like I've been fuckin with the stooges forever, but I heard this song on GTA:IV and had to download it..On first listen I thought dude wants to just dog some hoes out... then after I downloaded it I realized I was wrong as fuck... I think she wants him to want her so much, he'd do anything to just be around her and he's alright with that... I say all that to say this... I call the jazzy girl last night and some dude answers..."wrong number dog" and hangs up. Now for 1. I know damn well it's chicks number because of her Keyshia Cole ringback tone. And 2. she's wack as hell to let some duck ass dude answer her phone? So like 30 minutes later she calls me and is like "hey" and I mean her voice is so throaty and sexy. I kinda wanted to charge her up about dude but, for what? So she's like that was my sons father when you called before and we got into an argument about him not wanting me to bring dudes around his son...(I invited her to a cookout with my "god daughter") and your timing was just real bad.. he says he wants to be a part of me and my sons life. So I wanna ask what's on the tip of my toungue but I don't wanna hear the answer.. But I ask it anyway, I refuse to just not know... "you mean he wants to get back with you or whatever huh?" *pause* "it's complicated and not really that simple" The only thing I really can say to that is "oh yeah?" and she says how she likes me and doesn't really know, because she'll always love him... and all I really hear from that point is Charlie Brown teacher... I tell her "I mean you gotta do what you gotta do you know and I hope things go your way and I'll just catch you laters" I mean she looks good, damn good and she's cool, but I'm not a fuckin bologna sandwich and I'm damn sure not gonna be her dog.


Pusha T

I'm hella late puttin this up but Pusha T was in the club and that dude was fuuucked up... he was on the mic saying " I told y'all niggas in 97 I was gonna put money on the building and let it fall to the ground!" he's was gonna talk till the sun came up about how in 97 the baddest bitch in the game was Robin Givens, "what y'all know bout Robin Givens!"If you didn't know Pusha T is 1/2 of the Clipse and 1/4 of the Re-Up Gang, the dude is from Virginia and can rap his ass off. So me and my dog Lloyd are outside and I'm talking to this one chick and she's I gotta go take my number and as I grab my sidekick, Pusha T walks past and when I say this chick got groupieish, she got groupieish, "PUSHA T!!!" she ran up on the dude and for a split second I had some hate in my blood at my dude Pusha T, but I just said fuck it. So were still outside the club just talking and whatnot then I see some commotion and all I see is like a cartoon whirlwind of fists and feet and this dude getting his ass slid. I mean the bouncers put that dude to sleep for reals. And to add insult to injury as dude was goin down they tased his ass too... all I could think of was "Don't tase me bro!"
So I wake up the next morning and my phone is ringing,
"hey where you at?"
"I'm in Norfolk."
That was the dude I work for and the time was like 6:45 I was 'sposed to be there 45 minutes ago and it's about 20 minutes away from the crib....

my Craigslist encounter

I bought a Network Adapter for my X Box and now I can get on X box live!!! So I text the dude and he's like yeah I still got it meet me a this place and call me when I get there; like it's a damn drug deal or something. So I tell him I'll be there in 30 minutes and 2 hours later I go to pick it up and call and tell dude I'm there and he pulls up about and proceeds to tell me how he got it or whatever.. But in my head I'm like just take the money so I can get out of here. So this and my turntables are my second succesful Craigslist transaction. Here's to many more!


The night before

I left my apartment at about 2:45 cause the airport is like 5 minutes away or whatever so I go to auto check in and it's like you're too late to check in you gotta get the next flight at like 5:45... fluck all that so I talked to the kiosk lady and everything was irie... so I board and sit next to a drummer who seemed pretty cool, he saw I was reading "I hope they serve beer in hell" by Tucker Max (one of the major influences behind my blog because even though my shenanigans aren't nearly as drunken as his, they still are pretty fluckin sweet). So I touch down and almost break my sidekick tryna talk to the fuckin' cab dispatch lady "I'm sorry sir there must be a bad connection." BITCH I'VE GOT FULL BARS AND T-MOBILE, THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A BAD CONNECTION! Is what I wanted to yell to her, I mean my last name is four letter, granted it's not a common American name like Smith or whatever but damn...
So I cab it to the hotel which is actually in North Virginia, and it's a real nice Marriott out in the sticks. So I go up to my room which is on the 14th (13th) floor and it is plushed out for reals, I mean I stayed at the Swisotel in Atlanta before and this place is shittin on that. I mean there's a balcony if I'm feelin suicidal with a great view of trees and more trees..jacuzzi tub, a 30" flat screen, super high thread egyptian cotton and down comforters. Since I've been in Va, before I had a place, when it came to hooking up, my choices were either A. Get a hotel room B. Backseat action, even though it is proven to be bad luck to your car. C. Go to a slaughterhouse, and use a friends bed like it's yours. Or the rare D. Go back to her place. So going from the always classy $55 a night Navy Lodge or HoJo to this is a welcome change.
I'm kicking myself for reals though, because I just made a succesful purchase of a network adaptor for my X-Box off craigslist, I wanted to geek out on X Box live with my down time during the night. So I called before I left and asked about wireless internet, and the front desk was like ''No, we just have wired." So I get here and I see blatently. Wifi.... so now I'm bored out of my mind, thankfully I've got like a $50 dollar room credit on the Marrow Center so I'm gonna go down to the bar, drink Mojitos and walk around in my robe.


R.I.P Rocawear

Last night was crazy.. I was pretty flucked up and before I went to sleep I managed to recap the night on my sidekick, the only ? is whether or not to censor... but I'll make that decision later... Oh yeah Erykah Badu later tonight... I'll let y'all know how that goes, hopefully things go my way but who knows...

R.I.p. Rocawear

I remember when Rocawear used to run the game... I forget when I people were really just on that shit, but I remember when I went to the club with a dude and he hd on the whole shiny Rocawear jean suit jacket and the jeans. So we get in the club and I remmeber he had his jacket buttoned up. So we fall of in there and dude takes off his hacket and he's got no shirt on! I mean he's kinda cut up but this man in the club pop lockin' lookin like a dancin bouncer.
But I remember myself lustin after a few Rocawear items, and as a matter of fact, I've still got a pair of Rocawear shorts somewhere around here.... but I watched Rocawear go from being in the front of the store and flying off the shelves to slowly moving to the back of the store.
Coogi's slowly on it's way back there, but these young thundercats still wanna wear it and keep it visible. STOP.
it's a like walking a razorblade when wearing bright colours and neons. It's so easy to make a mistake and fall off into the pit of wackness. And believe me Coogi, definatly fails and has slipped up a long time ago.

I'd say Rocawear became wack in my eyes when they had those jeans with the Red Monkeyish hand painted R in the back. Then they went to this one jacket with a globe on it, and then Jay Z went on a world tour and led his clothing line to damnation and wackness. Now Rocawear just settles for following trends a.s.a.p. instead of trying to create them.
So R.I.P. Rocawear 1999-2005 you won't be missed.

(crappy) Concert Footage

Let the music play...

Last nights club scene was crazy for reals, I mean I went there with my dog lloyd but ended up chillin' mostly with my homegirl, a friend of my roomates, who I think is sexy, suprisingly witty and cooler than a box fan in the summertime. She was in there chillin and I txted her and she was like I'm in here or whatever. So I see her and damn .. She had her toes out and a lil skirt, with a belt type thing... crushin.
Niggas are haters for reals, this one dude who I've seen at the club before who hands out fliers and shit and since he always sees me with freaky dunks on, he's like " Yo you need to come to my store son!" so I was like "Oh yeah..." thats like my official answer to duck ass dudes and duck ass girls when they just say things just to be talkin'. The dudes like "you see my kicks, come through I got you!" so I say again "Oh yeah.. That's what's up" So I look at dudes shoes and he's got some "Fradas" these orange fake ass Prada boots and I just keep it movin. Anyway me and JP are dancin' or whatever and dude gets to tryn grab on her and whatever and even though she's not my girl-girl, she's my friend who I'm really feelin'. A blind man could've clearly seen she didn't wanna fuck with dude whatsoever, so dude talkin to her but muggin me was like "damn when he gonna stop cuffin' you?" So my boy Lloyd suprised the shit outta me and told that same Fake prada boot wearin' dude to chill out. I asked him what he said to the dude the next day he said he told the dude " he got it dog, don't even worry bout it!"

So I'm on like 2 strong islands
and like half a bottle of rum and I'm just clownin' with JP and she's pretty tipsy her damn self. So were dancin' face to face and she like puts her hand on my chin and kinda pulls me in. So I'm thinkin' to myself like WTF she wants to kiss me in this club!?!? Normally I don't condone kissing in the club because when I see people doing it I'm like "fucks wrong with them?" but I damn sure have done it before and I'm a huge hypocrite too! LOL. So I'm like fuck it and just I give her like 40% and she goes the 60% percent with her toungue and we're kissing more then.
And everytime she would stop kissin me she would ask me "where's the jazzy girl" and I told her " she's got endometriosis!" and she asked me that like 3 or 4 times. And she told me " I don't wanna end up on your list!" and I was like like list? She said yeah with the "jazzy girl and all that" so I'm guessing she's part of my "readership"
And I told her like "I don't know what to say to that cause you know I'm feelin' you or whatever so yeah..."
So we danced and she was like I gotta use the bathroom so I told her I'd be on the floor. So when she left I pulled out my kick and wrote this.

"I know it was the liqour and the moment but there is some makeage out going on, I wanna be like austin powers with elizabeth hurley and resist her.. But I may have the swag and the mojo but I'm no Austin for reals...
I made a decision and now I have to live with it...I should've been stronger but when you cook it and boil it down, I'm a lursty ass dude, but I'm gonna chill cause I know it's not what I think it is even though I think I kno what it is"

So my dog was like I've got time to make up for, because I chilled with Jaguar Paw. And he was like give it up bro she only likes you in the club... so we just enjoyed the rest of the night and watched the after club hiliarities that ensued.


My Thrashin's

I got my Thrashin' dunks and they look even sweeter in person, I've noticed that after salivating over upcoming dunks, they always look different in person, not bad different but just different. These Thrashins are sadly going to be my last pair of dunks, I mean after gettin' emails from Solebrother, I zoom over there and pick up shoes, and now I've got like all these hot shoes and don't really wear them all that much. Plus I really wanna stack that cheese for when I (knock on wood) go to home to Stone Mountain next month.


J* Davey baby

Jack Davey or J*Davey is that hot fish grease for reals! Now I love all types of music, I mean except really for a lot of new rock and emo stuff, and of course country. I just can't get into a lot of new stuff too much but if catches my ear I'll listen. My roomate is obsessed with cleanliness so like if company was over on a friday night, you better believe saturday morning it's time to clean. So everytime we cleaned he'd put on this girl J*Davey and the more and more I heard it, the more and more I liked it until I finally started humming it and wanted to hear more of that shit. J*Davey is actually two people, a singer and a producer. The producer is just some dude named Brooke and his beats are pretty freaky, but Jack Davey, she's a really pretty modelesque chick with a mohawk, and a sexy throaty playful voice, kinda like a Fiona Apple with a Erykah Badu swagger about herself. So check her out on Imeem or Limewire, the only bad thing is she's unsigned and a lot of her stuff is hard to find, like she might drop an EP and if you don't get it, you're assed out. Take a listen to "This One" "Relax" "Mr. Mister" "Might As Well" and she remixed Frank Zappa's "Dirty Love" and it is crushin.
oh yeah she's got a pretty sweet blog too.


Trouble Man

I hate being in a situation where I know I'm in trouble. I mean trouble feels like it just sits in the pit of my stomach for reals. And it's like I'll go through the day wondering how I'd be reacting to certain situations if I wasn't in trouble. Like I can laugh at a funny joke and smile and all that, something might happen to make me feel good and I'll feel good for a moment but in the back of my mind.. It'll always be there reminding me of what happened.
To make a long story short, I left last night when I wasn't supposed to leave and while I was gone someone was looking for me, and this morning I got confronted with it and I tried to hit em with the nut role, but I got it flipped on me. So now I'm getting talked to by a woman who has looked out for me and is very maternal in her mannerisms and doesn't swear and has looked out for me before. I mean I'd rather she'd yell than just talk you know? But again I'm in a situation where I have to explain my actions, and even though I've got no room to be angry at anyone but myself, it is frustrating being asked questions like "What were you thinking?" "Do you even care ?" and the follow up to that which had me scratching my brain "Why do you care?" and she kept repeating that "I just want to know why do you care?" and I don't know what to say to that at all. I mean what the fuck do you say to that?


Suicide sickness

When certain things happen it's hard to keep perspective when someone commits suicide. In my home away from home which is like a hotel that the navy puts me up in, a dude who stayed on the floor below me hung himself. Now in all honesty I didn't really know the kid until just now, I'd seen him around he always wore the navy blue seweatsuit and looked real mousy and in a daze. I come to find out that he had real bad seizures and he was actually doped up all the time. I got off work early about like 8 o clock to get ready to run a phytsical fitness test and I see all these fire trucks and navy NCIS cars outside the building and my dog Hollis I gave a ride to was kije somebody musta left a microwave on, so we get in their and he asks the cleaning lady what happened as she said " one of yall's people hung himself in his room" so I'm like damn...
So we all had to come back and listen to our captain do some damage control cause shit like this is supposedly bad PR.

One part of me is like it sucks his life ended so quickly and who could of foreseen this. But another part is like fuck thay dude, he doesn't have to worry about where his next meal or check is coming from so what makes his case so sad? Because me personally I don't think I'd have the balls to kill myself, because that's a concious decision.
I'm comin back to work after changing from the physical test and I run into my boy Dave who works with and is the roomate of the kid who killed himself. I was like why are you still here? And he told me he was the one who found him, he said that the dude didnt show up in the morning and they sent him to go wake him up, and dude was hanging from the fan by all these shoestrings tied together, and he tried to cut dude down and do CPR but it was to late...


Glow in the Dark Tour!!!

First off pics kinda suck, well really suck they're from my SK LX, I'll put up the best of the worst video I got in there tommorows.
I'm mad that lupe went first, when I first got here I saw some dude in
red and for a second I thought it was yay tita, and then I was like "why
would he be performing now when he's headlining?" but I heard 'Little
weapon" and I was like LUPE! It was kinda short and the weather was at
it's worst for reals, the rain was coming down and blowing into the
amphitheater at an angle and shit, but Lupe blazed right through his set
and he ran out into the crowd during Kick Push and I don't mean into the
standing area, that dude ran allll the way back to the cheap seats...
During the intermission I was tryna get my homeboy who had better seats
in the 101 section to pass back a ticket from another friend of mines,
but he was actin' like a biznitch.I went up to this one chick who was
like guarding the section to the 100's and I was like " if I shot you
$20, would you let me through?" and I knew shed be down with it cause of
all the other people checking tickets, she looked the most
corruptable... So said so done, she was like "of course but you wouldn't
get far, once it filled up you be bouncing from seat to seat and you'd
be right back here!"But the bullshit is I ordered my ticket back in like
March and my dumb ass was thinkin it wa sold out already and when I kept
searching ticketmaster all it gave me was 202 section tickets. So I was
kinda in the nosebleeds but that didn't stop my enjoyment whatsoever.

N*E*R*D was off the yazabah... Chilly Willy aka Pharrell was there in
all his splendor, and even though the new shit was more DC ish, with the
more Go-Go sounds as in live instruments and shit, it was jammin'!
During the sound check I heard some of the bass hits for "Beeper" a song
by Fam-Lay, so I wasn't really suprised when he came out and did his
thing. What did suprise me though was how Fam forgot the second verse
and most of the first though, I mean dude was on stage just bobbin' his
head like it wasn't his song and shit, but Pharrell kinda tried to
intervene by putting extra Umph in the chorus. Chris Brown came out for
"everyone nose" and was dancing and shit with Pharrell. The crazy shit
was when they played "she wants to move" he brought these chicks from
the front row on stage and had them dancing and shit, and one girl as
soon as she got up there IMMEDIATELY started grinding on Pharrell, and
this other chick pushed her off him and took her place.. Too funny!

After N*E*R*D the intermission until Rhianna came out I kinda was like I
don't wanna see this girl, she better do "Umbrella" and beat it you
know, I even texted my boy that and he was like she's gonna put it down
just watch. She came out and did some of her old shit like "pon de
replay" and she was even singing "doo wop (that thing) but what really
killed me was M.I.A.'s song "paper planes" the one that goes " I just
wanna bang bang bang bang and take ya money" I'm fuckin with that song a
lot. And as far as like visuals she had these dancers with these like
lightsaber glow sticks dancing and she was windin' her waist, and
gettin' down, baby girl can move for reals. She ended with her biggest
hit "umbrella" and it was crazy because there was a tornado warning and
it was raining and windy earlier so a lot of people had umbrellas and a
shit ton of them went up for this song. I honestly didn't even really
care for the song when it was big but I guess because of the atmosphere
I'm kinda feeling it now.

Hella people are jockin on my glow in the dark dunks... and by hella I
mean like 5 people and they were like"OMG those glow in the dark!" and "
excuse me do those really light up?" "you're shoes are hot" "look girl"
hahaha I wish they held more of a glow charge, cause like say if I was
in a super bright room and then went out into total darkness I'd be
glowin like a mutha fucka, so now while I'm waitin for Yay to come out
I'm lettin' em charge...
Oh yeah while I was waitin' for them to charge and surfin on my kick,
some girl behind me was like "there's a spider on you!" and I'm
arachnaphobic like a muhfucka so I nutted up real fast, and threw the
spider on some dude. And this chick next to me is pretty cool, she's got
on a "In living color" outfit with leopard pants on but she's cute and
she's got a sidekick 3, so I'm stylin on her with my LX.

Then it happened, the lights went out and all you see is a screen with
stars like a nose camera on the Enterprise, and Kanye's talkin about
traveling on a journey for a long time and then he crashed onto planet earth and his spaceship "Jane" couldn't get power... I mean the stage was just him on like a laptop with no keys and behind the laptop screen, there was this huge panoramic screen. No background dancers, no hype men, just Yay, the stage and the music. Throughout his whole set he worked his songs into a storyline of such with each song having a place. Like when he crash-landed to earth, his spaceship "Jane" told him "this isn't your first crash and he went into "through the wire" and when he was like I've been traveling so long, I need some Pussy! The computer was like I could help you out with that and the background had a chick in gold with a body like amazing grace dancing and whatnot. I've been to a few concerts (MSI, Lloyd Banks, Korn) and this was by far the best music experience I've ever been to, Kanye is a fucking entertainer. My only regret was riding with the same guy who ruined my Thursday night by dawdling playing pool when he knew damn well the line was gonna be stupid long. Once again, he is to blame. People can tell when a concert is coming to a close, so around that time he txted me "were gonna dip out as soon as this is over" So Kanye's on stage and the lights are off but I know there's gonna be an encore. So at that time he txts me a again, "I'm leaving now" so I'm like damn! So as I turn to leave he does "touch the sky", Lupe comes out, and I'm walking away like FUCK!
So I make a wrong turn and BAM I'm like a stones throw from the stage, and I'm expecting security to "escort" me out but no, I'm in there. So I'm like 12 feet away from the stage and Yay's talking about how "there would've been more props and a robot was supposed to come down from the ceiling, but cause of the tornado watch it was a no go.

I almost forgot I stopped on the way to the concert at a Dollar tree to buy some batteries; I had a choice of Michael Jordan batteries (Rayovac) or Panasonics. So I went with Panasonic, so while I was close as hell to the stage I pulled out my camera and started to take some pictures when that shit died on me. I had taken like 30+ minutes of shaky, Blair witch style video with the Energizers that were in my camera for a hella long time, and I take about three pictures and these bitches die on me... I've got a big fuck you to Panasonic and I'm adding them with KFC of my list of things to boycott.

So I run back as my boy is blowing up my already dying Sidekick and I get this book called "Thank you and you're welcome" It's like a small spiral book of Personal mantras by Kanye West. My favorite one so far is "Believe in your flyness to conquer your shyness" How true.
I get back home and my boy who's not just a Pharrell fan, he's a fanatic called me. I cussed him out for not being there and he asked to speak to my roommate. Now from my room I hear my roommate like "Why didn't I go? I read bad reviews on the internet!" What a fucking tool, is what I really wanted to say.


Stop start animation

My homegirl "Jen Bear" and her friend who looks like Mallory from Natural Born Killers made a youtube video and I was just gonna tell her I saw it and be like "Yeah it was hot!" cause everyone knows making youtube videos went out with Soulja Boy right? So since I've got loads of free time on my hands during the work day, I actually checked it out and and it's pretty cool. One cause I didn't even know her or Kat was that creative and two cause it's pretty cool I think. I mean if "Dramatic Chipmunk" gets a billion views why can't this... So check it out and see for your self..


After saying my Buellers were my last pick up for awhile, I see these. Now I've been on my Dunk SB thing for quite some time now and have not really been paying attention to Dunks, as they aren't exclusive and the colors really don't grab my attention. But these are freakin sweet I have to say... I shall own these... I never caught the movie thought But I guess it might see a resurgence in popularity due to hypebeasts and sneakerheads alike. On a kinda related note, I did see Rad when I was in like.... 4th grade but I didn't see the end of it because I got in trouble for doing something, and lost my movie watching privaleges. I believe it's Rad that started my infatuation with BMXing...

UPDATE @ 16:37
I just called Sole Brother and asked about the Thrashins and they do drop tommoorw, but I'm torn between the Dunks which I love and these Reebok's which I think are super fetch... Most likely I'll choose the dunks, but I kinda wanted to chill out on buying shoes and stuff because I mean when is enough ever gonna be enough... When...

Lackluster Friday

Have you ever been chillin with someone and there is like a point were you're like I'm not fuckin with this person at all.. And you keep it cool with the person and shit, laugh and joke with 'em, but in your head your like fuck this person or whatever. That's what's going on right now... I'm with this chick and tryna forget about the Jazzy girl but I'm like it's 1:25 and I'm here with her and her two pothead loser friends and I'm like what am I really doing here? I mean I'm better than this.. If a chick is a reflection of me, then I don't wanna look in the mirror at all. Tonight we went and saw "What happens in Vegas" which is two thumbs down all the way. and ended up chillin with her girls in her room.
I came to this conclusion when she came at me sideways about pickin' some dude up. So she could smoke a L and we could just chill together. So normally I wouldn't have a problem with that but how she went about it really kinda had me hot. I remember sayin' something about a scary answer she told me, and never was that answer more apparant than tonight.
I'm gonna say fuck it man I wanna get with the Jazzy girl, fuck this chick here. But the ball is in her court now I refuse to make a fool out of myself as much as I'd like to talk to her. The best thing about the night was that her girl had some De La Soul dunks and they look even sicker in person. I mean she knew what they were and all about dunks and shit. I was suprised, very suprised.


Well, well, well

A couple things happened today... For one I ran a mile and a half in a 10:20... now that doesn't make me a Michael Johnson or anything but when my only exercise is grinding on girls and two steppin' in clubs twice a week, that's pretty damn good you know. What really grinds my gears though is that there was a time when I was in the gym extra serious and the results were hella visible. I felt better, my hair was glossier and had body and bounce even without the milk and honey and most importantly... I was wicked inna bed... and it was around that time I met "Ashley" down in Jacksonville, and I mos def wrote about her before, because I was really in like with this girl and I still am. But she's down there and I'm up here so yeah...

I was in my room playing GTA and I heard my ring tone go off and I said to myself "There's only one person I really want this to be from!" meaning the Jazzy girl of course, but I look on my Sidekick and it's from Ashley... "I was just thinking of you and I miss you buddy and hope all is well with you"
Now this shit fucks my shit all up, I didn't even know what to say to that honestly. What do I say? So I was like I miss your random ass too, I hope things are goin your way and how is she liking her Sidekick cause I remember her sayin' she had one... Then she really hits me with a curve, she says "I love it I dnt knw how to change my call back though........I miss you sooo much" I had to physically restrain myself from sending her a duck ass text message that I'd regret later or maybe even as soon as I sent it.

So after that Cinco de Mayo fiasco with the Jazzy girl, I was ready to resign to the fact that she had stopped fucking with me, cause I've stopped talking to many a girl and I know how it goes... I texted her yesterday and called today and that's all I can do. I haven't left a message for a girl since '06 and she's not gonna make me start doing it. So that being said she txts me sayin...
“Hey, i saw us calls. jus had surgery yestrday & dnt realy feel like talkn so ill ttyl"
I can't even stunt it was good to know she wasn't just straight iggn me, So for now I'll just sit in her waiting room and wonder when it's gonna be my turn...

Oh yeah I also saw that “2 Girls 1 Cup” video, yeah I’m hella late right but I can’t see how people were throwing up to it… I mean I saw it and it didn’t arouse me or anything but, it did make me laugh... so what does that say about me as a person... Am I that jaded by stuff I’ve seen and done where I laugh at girl eating feces. But I know I’m the last person to see it but, for y’all that haven’t seen it, It starts with two girls kissing and then just goes downhill reeeaal fast from there. So check it out, it’s good for a good laugh or a lost lunch and is Hot Fish Grease?

Cinco de Mayo wrap up

Grand Theft Auto really is monopolizing my free time like a son of a bitch... but the more I play it the more awesomer it gets... but this happened on Cinco de Mayo and I could've post dated it or whatever but it took a minute to get it down. I glossed over the "keepin' it real goes wrong moment" because I really don't feel I made the right choice, I "kept it real" and people I talked to about it said I made the best choice but it just doesn't feel that way.
I'm just getting back from chilling with the Jazzy girl, and I don't know what to think about it at all. I mean it didn't go at all as planned as far as what I had in mind... I just wanted to eat a quesadilla and drink a margarita you know cause it's Cinco de Mayo.. But when I invited her to come out with me, I had like a sit down restaurant in mind you know a real chill affair for the second date, but the place was jumpin' cause of the holiday.
So we go in there and get our drinks and sit at the bar... and we're talkin and the convo is goin real good and all of a sudden a "when keepin' it real goes wrong" moment happens...

But from that moment on things go real smooth the convo flows real good. So I walked her to her car and hugged or whatnot and said our goodbyes. Until I believe I fumbled after that but I'm not even gonna speak on that too much. So yeah....I'm gonna hopefully catch up with her later in the week and see what unfolds...


I might save a life...

I got this email yesterday afternoon and I'm nervous as hell, I mean I want to donate my marrow but when I hear stuff like " It's like having a child for a man!" how am I supposed to feel about that? But if you didn't know bone marrow transplants saves lives of millions of people and over 250,000 have been performed succesfully. The first step is a mouth swab which they use to match your DNA to patients in need. If they find there is a match they will contact you for a blood sample. Then if that matches and you are clean then comes a scheduled physical and then the actual donation... So if you reading this register to donate at Marrow.org It takes almost no time and who knows you might help somebody out... Like me hopefully this will erase some of the horrible things I've done, and if it can't erase them, just make them seem less bad in comparison.

Good Afternoon Mr. D,

My name is Robyn Diehl and I am from the Dept. of Defense Marrow Donor Program and I am contacting you concerning the blood work you had drawn on 3/27/2008. The results show that you are the best possible match for a recipient in desperate need of a peripheral blood stem cell transplant. I can be reached by email or at my office. My phone number is 1-800-627-7693 ext 226. Please call or email me and let me know when we can talk so that I can send you an information packet. Please call me as soon as possible even if you are unavailable or not interested so that we can begin your donation process or find another donor.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon,

Robyn Diehl
Workup Coordinator
C.W. Bill Young DoD Marrow Donor Program
Phone: 301-984-1515 x226
Fax: 301-984-8856
Email: robyndiehl@dodmarrow.com


Wicked Salad

My wicked ass salad I make... It's boss as hell, you "make" 3 chicken strips and put add salad to a bowl and the secret is lemon juice on the leaves then parmesean cheese, which adds a zest to it. Then add onions and croutons and caeser salad..Then enjoy!

Clear care contact solution

As big a part as contacts played in raising my self esteem.. They seriously have their disadvantages. I mean me, I've got a an astigmatism and they don't make contacts you can sleep in yet, so I either have to sleep in them and wake up with
A. Junk and goo in my eyes or
B. My contacts up in my eyeballs...
but this solution is the hotness and one of the many things I'd sponsor.. So far the list of shit I'd sponsor is Arizona Green Tea, I drink that shit by the gallon and it's only 99 cents for those tall cans... Tropical Smoothie because it's just great... and Nike Dunks because they're not just shoes.. They're a lifestyle. What lifestyle that is I don't know... but yeah this contact solution is pretty sweet you put your contacts in this little case and dunk them in the solution and they start to bubble and shit, and six hours later your contacts are clean as a whistle.. The only bad thing is if you try to put them in before 6 hours, they burn like a mufucka...


Darling Pinky

I tink the Jazzy girl is feeling me and I'm damn sure diggin' her like a shovel... we met up tonight at my favorite club, and I was like " Can you dance?" she gave me a crazy face and was like " I guess you'll have to find out...." I did and she can most definatly move... I mean she is just too damn sexy... her friends were nothin to play with either, I wish my dog Lloyd, Bap or Smitty would've been off in there, it would've been o-v-e-r... What was crazy to me though was that all the while I was with her I was like this is the chick I've been seeing in class and I never would've thought I'd be here with her... but all in all I had a damn good time and can't wait to call her jazzy ass tommorow.

I just got off the phone with the Jazzy girl from my public speaking class and damn... she's cooler than a box fan in the winter time! I talked to her for a hot hot minute and she was like she's gotta do something and if I don't call you back tonight, I'll hit you tommorow, so I was like cool. So here I was playing GTA when I see her call! We talked for about a good hour and the convo was flowing real good, she was talking about going out tommorow to the same club I'm going to, so that should be very intresting on a few levels... but we've made plans to go out tommorow so we'll see what happens...


My Buellers

They're in... Is what the email I got from Sole Brother said.. Me and my roommate shot over there and they look even sexier in person. I debated whether or not to put the animal print laces in there, and polled a few friends and decided to go with them.. I also picked up a Fuct tee, if you're not on Fuct check em out.. The shirt I got is super sweet,I just don't have anything to go with it yet. But I stopped at Commonwealth too because it's just right there, I'm still not too crazy about BBC jeans, they just feel so cheap I mean I'm not gonna spend $270 dollars on jeans that feel like paper. My Shmack jeans have a nice weight to them, and even my Levi's jeans have some heft to them. But even though I know the quality isn't that great, I still want the dog on my dick... But nothing in Commonwealth really caught my eye except these pink and black Reebok Pumps, i should've taken a pic cause I can't find them hoes on the net...But I might go back and snatch 'em up for the summer who knows?

A "Crown" affair

So since Crown Royal and Jack Daniels sponsored my night, I'm officially swearing off whiskey!

To have went out last night and thrashed my body, I feel pretty damn good considering... I went to pick up Smitty at about like 9:30 and he told me tht another dude said we could ride with him, so to me thats an excuse to get extra faded, so we ride there and I'm kinda lookin at the clock cause like after 11 the line gets stupid long and I've experianced that shit firsthand... So said so done, we get there and the line is stupid, so we pay the extra to just walk in and it was pretty straight in there.. I mean the DJ wasn't really comin' with it but I had a good time... in there I met this one chick that was like " You know it's not sunny in here right?" and I told her " Glasses don't just block UV rays they block hater rays from all the haters that wanna steal your soul!" smooth right? so she tells me how she's a "old school" type girl and really isn't feeling the club too much, so I really look at her and she can't be more than like 23-24, so I'm like how "old school" can you really be when you're like 23 at the oldest? She was like I was born in '85 so I can appreciate it you know? I told her I can dig it, she told me she went to HU and all this she seemed hella chill... oh yeah and Smitty pulled that same bullshit again too, takin' dances and it's funny because it's what he's known for doing, so I can't be too mad cause its like his thing..
I also ran into a girl Keeda whom I "talked" about before, I never knew her name untill I had my roomate answer my phone, tell her I wasn't home and ask who's calling... and she tried to charge me up about not callin her or whatever, and I told her " it works both ways but you're looking really good in her dress right about now." So we danced and she was like what am I doing after this? I told her I didn't drive my car and I know she doesn't drive so quite honestly I wasn't lursty enough to really wanna mess with her.. Because she looks good and all but has NOTHING going for herself and I can't really condone that.
So on our exit I'm ridin in the back and my head is spinnin, so I tell my bro to roll my window down a lil'. The drivers like "you aint gonna earl is you?" hell nah I say but my mouth is watery as fuck, so we get to my car and stop and I hear behind us through a loudspeaker " you don't have all day move it" and it's a cop. So as I stumble to my car the cop pulls up on me and is like " I hope you're not gonna drive that thing?" I say " No star, I'm just gonna get in the backseat and crash!" right after he left I earled and got in the backseat opened my door and earled again and went to a semi comfortable sleep...


and so it ends....

The more I play GTA it just gets better and better I mean damn, it's just a cool ass game.. I can easily see people out there doing some serious geeking out with this game... But last night was my last class of public speaking and I had to accept "Best Speaker" and speak for two minutes, and two minutes is a long time tryna just go off the dome killing time and tryin' to thank people and be entertaining! But I believe it came out well with a time of 2:02. After we all spoke our teacher gave a great speech about how a pretty good student tried to get a pretty good job and he found out pretty good wasn't enough.. And how on a gravestone the dates belong to God but the - in between belongs to you... I really took it to heart and asked the Jazziest girl in my class to go out with me sometime... So in the future, hopefully this weekend we'll hang out...sweet right? But one problem is theres not to much to do that's cool datewise here in Virginia Beach.. Like there's this Greek restaurant Nazeef's, with bellydancers and hookahs, but that's the most interesting place I've found.. But tonight I'll be going out with Smitty to see what the club is looking like, so I'll let y'all know how that goes...

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