Darling Pinky

I tink the Jazzy girl is feeling me and I'm damn sure diggin' her like a shovel... we met up tonight at my favorite club, and I was like " Can you dance?" she gave me a crazy face and was like " I guess you'll have to find out...." I did and she can most definatly move... I mean she is just too damn sexy... her friends were nothin to play with either, I wish my dog Lloyd, Bap or Smitty would've been off in there, it would've been o-v-e-r... What was crazy to me though was that all the while I was with her I was like this is the chick I've been seeing in class and I never would've thought I'd be here with her... but all in all I had a damn good time and can't wait to call her jazzy ass tommorow.


Anonymous said...

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Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

aw how cute ^_^ lol

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