Andre and craigslist...

I'm a sucker for craigslist. I've said before I feel that if you pass up a chance to get something when you can for below price on something you want, you've pretty much wasted that money. Although that's not the case this situation, it's kind of a case by case thing.

But anyways I been on the hunt like bald eagle eagle for a macbook pro. After squirreling away most of that suprise $9k on fashion, garage door openers, sneakers, dating and mutual funds. My budget is looking kind of slim for a laptop. I really hate that money can burn like it does.... Plus this sega genesis laptop I use is has lost it's hipster/vintage/kitchy appeal.

So I post on craigslist this 'the craigslist ad'

and I get a txt... 08 model 4g with leopard, final cut pro, CS4, after effects toast and other stuff. asking $600

So my first thought is 'somebody at the art institute either needs rent money or just charged their laptop to the game. Either way... So the chick stays downtown and wants me to meet her at the popular destination lenox mall. So I txt back like...

Perfect, I'll meet you at the apple store.

So hopefully I don't get murdered

Andre meets Amber Rose

I saw amber rose this last friday at the club. I wasn't really feeling the club but once I found out Amber Rose was gonna be there I was like cool, I really wanted to see for myself what she was looking like in person, plus I am a man who enjoys the club scene.

Getting into clubs free on that email shit is always a great way to kick it off, but as soon as I pulled out my camera and realized I didn't have my memory card and only like 3-4 shots available on my camera that pretty much sucked.

When she did make her appearance I told all my friends

'Man I could pull amber rose, she's just a extra ordinary chick who fell into some extra-ordinary circumstances. Y'all are just groupie ass dudes and gotta see through the stardom to realize she's just a girl and like all gils she just wants three things... Time, Communication and that wood'

Basically a lot of BS, but when I ran up on her or whatever it cross my mind to say all sorts of silly shit like...
"it's so great to meet you", "you look even better in person", "can I buy you a drink", "you probably only go for athletes", blah, blah....

I just took a deep breath, realized I'm just another (better looking/dressed) groupie ass nigga coming up to her tonight so I just said....

My name is Andre, can I get a picture.

Amber: What's your name?

Andre.... Like the Giant!

Amber: Ok Andre

*she knows my name lol*

Do I look better with my glasses off or glasses on?

Amber: Off you've got nice eyes! *smile*

As soon as the paparzzi club pics go up on the site, they'll go up here!



I'm off bright and early to catch the 'sales'!

Hopefully I'll come back (untrampled) with a laptop, gas/electric blower and a assortment of cd's. On the maybe list is a 40+ inch tv and a DSLR.


Tofurkey with lupe


Would you?

After making easy payments of xx.99 for her 'historical commemorative Obama plates' I believe my mom would disown me if I came around her house with this propaganda apparel on. But in all honesty I would wear this shirt.
I rarely speak about politics with certain people because if they were to find out I voted for Mccain because it would've benefited me personally, I might get tarred and or feathered!

also Happy Thanksgiving!

Because I spent a lot of my childhood growing up in London, Thanksgiving was never really that big of a deal for me. I tell people that now and they look at me like I'm a fucking terrorist. Instead of trying to come up on a plate, I'm going to volunteer at a shelter. I've been running my mouth about atonement and now it's time to really see if I'm about what I be talkin' bout.

What are y'all doing for turkey day?

-Oh yeah, my replacement screen and digitizer is still in the packaging looking at me, I'm so scared to undertake it. I mean it's one thing to look at videos on vimeo/youtube/aol video and be like...

"man I could do that shit!"

and it's another to actually power off your iPhone and take that shit apart. I will tuck my nuts and nike it though, watch and see!



I was in CVS/Walgreens/Eckerd picking up some photos and 'whitey' fell on the hard tile ground. The sales associate and I watched as it fell in slow-mo and the cracks ripped through my screen. Suprisingly I didn't get mad or anything I just said...


I look at my iphone and I don't even give a fuck about it anymore, because the only options I have at my disposal are..

1.) Use the 'blackjack 2'
(I went into wendy's and as I'm coming up to the counter to order the chick is like...

'did you lose your phone somebody turned it in?'

Me: ........ yes.... yes, I did.

*as she reaches down I'm thinking to myself, I know this girl is gonna hand me a iPhone! and I was kinda disappointed when she handed me a Blackjack 2*)

I don't wanna use the blackjack for a couple of reasons. The main one is because I'm toying with the idea of giving it back BUT at the same time I'm like 'fuck that' because I know damn well if I left my iPhone somewhere I might as well 'charge that shit to the game' so why the fuck does she get a pass? Plus I don't want any other phone, I want my fucking iphone!

2. Pay $299 to let a nerdy hipster 'genius' fix it.
Fuck that shit I'm already getting raped monthly with these shitty ass plans.

3.) Pay about $120-150 and ship my phone off to get it fixed by any number of companies... I feel the same way about doing that, as I do this van.
I want my iphone fixed just like I want some delicious candy, but do I want to take that risk.
Plus I don't/can't want to be away from my iphone for that long.

4.) Spend $89 and fix it my damn self. I did work around avionics in the navy so I mean I can do this right....

I ordered the parts and they hopefully should be here by the end of the week.



It seems like since I've been back in atlanta, I've been really unimpressed by what nike was doing. Add that to the fact that I'm trying to add more 'adultish' items to my wardrobe like chelsea boots and seersucker suits. I honestly didn't even know where to go that sold sb's like that. So when I first saw the RESN/'gucci' dunks, I was like I need these. I come to find out that there is only two places in the metro atlanta that sell them.

I see a friend of mine on Fbooky with some and I'm like shit. So I rush like mad and catch a pair, but all the hypebeasts (like myself but just better informed) beat me to the punch and bought every last pair....

Except for mines and the only problem is they aren't my size. BUT my friend from way back has my size and he's willing to swap it out . So yeah..


Didn't you just have a birthday like a year ago or something?

I spent my 24th birthday with 'elaine' and one of my best friends brandon. I don't know how but she found this hole in the wall in the hood and there was this one chick with this short dress with no panties dancing...and when she'd bend over, you could see her uterus and all her business. yuck.

His birthday is on the 5th of November and I told him..

Me: Man you know what....I don't really wanna do anything for my birthday because I was just gonna celebrate for your shit or whatever...

Brandon: Damn Man!! I was thinking the same thing as you...

I honestly wasn't going to do anything for my birthday because I'm only 24, a baby by some peoples standards, and I was gonna treat it like just another day.... But fuck it, I plan on going to a chili festival, shopping and just see where my day goes from there. I want so many things right about now, but I've narrowed it down to.

A tattoo...
I was going to get a angelic character on my shoulder with the words 'think about it' and a devilish character on my hip/side six pack area with the words 'just do it'. I saw this picture and it was the fusion of the two ideas. I just gotta get my reserve up cause that shit hurts.

A Macbook... The only thing that kept me away was unfamiliarity. I always wanted to try it but who the fuck uses a Mac? To this day I have limited exposure to a Mac but I think I'll dive right in because I'm all about my iPhone, I love my iPod and the Apple store is pretty cool.

42' plasma flat screen HDTV... If things go my way, I'll be moving to a pretty cool place, and I need a big ass tv?

Call of Duty modern warfare 2... I'm a true nerd at heart and this game is going to be fucking bananas. I'm still debating on whether or not I want to get the version of the game that comes with actual night vision goggles though. But I mean what girl doesn't want a guy with a working set of night vision goggles?

I asked these kids did they know who 'Wishbone' was and they told me "The bone that you break and make a wish on" I feel so old!


Let Go

I was wearing my favorite shirt as worn by 'the karrie b'.....

I honestly don't wear it for social reform or to support the 'positive contributions of illegal immigrants in the United States' I just like the shirt because I think it's cool. But at the same time I'm very well versed on immigration reform and the whole social dynamics of it. I was just leaving the YMCA when this older white lady stopped me and said to me "what does your shirt mean?"

I told her and then she went on to ask me if I believed it was fair for immigrants who did things the right way, or families who lost jobs to an immigrant. Now that 'fair' and 'american jobs shit' really pisses me off like no other! So I told her in the scheme of things globally with many many human rights violations going on right now; is that really a major concern. We went from talking about immigrants, to the war on terror, to wome being abused under the cruelty of Islam, (another very touchy subject for me, cause how is your white surburbanite ass gonna tell me that you going over there 'and converting the heathens' is gonna make their situation better?) and finally to God. She proceeded to tell me how her marriage was on the rocks due to all sorts of stuff, and how she used to be out there and found peace in God.
When some people talk about their faith, I can feel the conviction in their body language and it makes me feel a certain way inside.... like I should really just stop sinning and planning to commit sins, ask for forgiveness and dedicate my life to the Lord. Normally the feeling last about an hour after I have been around the person with whom I had the conversation with but now I'm very conscious of what I do. I mean I don't do alot of bad things per se, I actually walk the razorblade. But sometimes my intentions aren't always the best.

She asked me why couldn't I let things go... as far as the sins I was holding onto, why I couldn't do without them? I didn't have an answer for her.

On a whole other note I recently came in to about $9,000 and I haven't really fucked it up like I want too, I'm actually kind of scared too. My birthday is 5 days away and I don't really wanna do shit!


Too scary for halloween?

I originally intended on staying in for 'halloween' but I thought to myself,
"How many days of the year can I go out dressed like a fucking psychopath and no one will bat an eyelash at me?"

With that I pulled myself away from the 'sexbox 360' and started making calls. Now I wasn't short on ideas for masks, in 2003/2004 when I was a pretty big 'slipknot' fan, I made a series of masks based on the drummer 'Joey Jordisons' mask.
Plus I had a mask I bought on my 18th birthday....
It was Novemeber 4th 2003 and I woke up and had all these itchy ass sores all over my chest, arms and face and it scared the shit out of me. I'm sitting there days away from my 18th birthday like...

'What the fuck can this be? Am I dying? Do I have a STD or something? Why didn't I pay attention in health?'

So I go to good old CDC.org and look up my symptoms, and I come to the conclusion that I must have either ; warts, hives, agent orange, shingles or that 'Tom Hanks'. So I tell my mom that I'm dying and we go to the doctor and he comes back and tells me it's chicken pox!
My joy quickly turned to anger at my mother because it's her fault for not letting me go to sleep overs and shit so now I've gotta hang out with this mask on my face to cover up the pox marks and shit, and I'll have chicken pox on my 18th birthday!
I decided I would go with the white mask on the left, but I thought "how can I spice this up because I'm gonna be wearing normal clothes and I don't wanna look stupid/like I tried too hard/like I didn't try enough." I had some mascara in my trunk so I headed to the bathroom to hook myself up. I originally was just gonna write 'book' on my face. Or dress metro as hell and use the mascara to put scars on my face and say I was 'seal'. Or blow the dust off of my Navy uniform and go as my celeb look alike, 'Antwone Fisher'
Surprisingly 'facebook' needed too much explanation, so I just started on my lips and before I knew it my whole face was done.

Leaving the house I had no idea what I would tell people I was... I finally settled on 'fresh to death'.

But in my quest to find a happy medium between not trying to hard and looking cool, I made the same mistake as 'Cady'. I was too fucking scary.

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