Andre meets Amber Rose

I saw amber rose this last friday at the club. I wasn't really feeling the club but once I found out Amber Rose was gonna be there I was like cool, I really wanted to see for myself what she was looking like in person, plus I am a man who enjoys the club scene.

Getting into clubs free on that email shit is always a great way to kick it off, but as soon as I pulled out my camera and realized I didn't have my memory card and only like 3-4 shots available on my camera that pretty much sucked.

When she did make her appearance I told all my friends

'Man I could pull amber rose, she's just a extra ordinary chick who fell into some extra-ordinary circumstances. Y'all are just groupie ass dudes and gotta see through the stardom to realize she's just a girl and like all gils she just wants three things... Time, Communication and that wood'

Basically a lot of BS, but when I ran up on her or whatever it cross my mind to say all sorts of silly shit like...
"it's so great to meet you", "you look even better in person", "can I buy you a drink", "you probably only go for athletes", blah, blah....

I just took a deep breath, realized I'm just another (better looking/dressed) groupie ass nigga coming up to her tonight so I just said....

My name is Andre, can I get a picture.

Amber: What's your name?

Andre.... Like the Giant!

Amber: Ok Andre

*she knows my name lol*

Do I look better with my glasses off or glasses on?

Amber: Off you've got nice eyes! *smile*

As soon as the paparzzi club pics go up on the site, they'll go up here!


Jaded said...

damn her for being so fly! damn her straight to hell! She even looks good on a regular camera. fml. lol.

Young woman on a journey said...

she's just so damn sexy!

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