What's up with the dudes in va? I've been in stone mountain, ga for my high school years and there really couldn't of been a better place for a decent looking young black man... I mean the south especially atl was blowing up at the time and I'm not even gonna make it seem like Stone Mountain is all jolly ranchers and starbursts cause there is nothing sweet about it at all... But I mean the lifestyle I lived therem, I enjoyed so much.. The clubs and house parties, even at lame ones it would be everybody with their click and that one girl will start popping to a dancing song and it will be on you feel me? But here that one girl would get danced with sure but no other girls wanna follow suit, and when you do find a girl that will move something she just wants to be seen... I used to do that "hey girl, You in the red pants" type shit but that shit is real played out, Now I'm not gonna sit here and give up my lady getting secrets but it's 40% how you look and 30% what you say and the rest is up to her....


Lock down

Restriction is a beast kinda.... Waking up at 6am then mustering at 1130, 430, 6pm and again at 930 in a dress uniform that shit sucks fool..... But so far my time has kinda been going by fast, I get off on the 2nd of july and I'm really too lazy to count the days buts its probably like 22 or something.. Anyway pretty soon I'm gonna go to sleep and wake up and do all this shit all over again.... But hopefully when I get off I'll have the sexy body I know I should have...


Music and me

I really feel like I've reached a plateau of sorts when it comes to my music production.... I mean of course my beats go hard and of course they really help out mediocre flows but when it comes to just redefining the nihilistic-crunk rap genre I really don't think I'm the man to do it.. Of course I don't have the bitches or the money.. Yet. But of course I don't really do it for that even though its just perks of the job, I make beats because I feel great after listening to a beat I made and I still love when people ask me do I go to a studio and I tell them nah I do it all over my laptop from vocals to samples to all that..... Let me stop tooting my horn here but so far I've got a bout 6 hot joints that I can see getting played at house parties and fucking some dudes shit up. You know when you got some disgruntled niggas listening to some crunk ass shit you got a problem on your hands... Anyway thats just how I feel about my music...

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