So you're back in atlanta huh?

Im in Atlanta, my laptop is on deck with a solid internet connection, I'm gonna be going to Georgia State in the fall and I feel good.
I miss a lot of people that were close to me and even those that weren't that close to me but I liked alot. Since everything is eventual and this world isn't that big I'll just catch them on the flipside. I feel really positive about a lot of things, because it's kind of like I lost weight/baggage by the change of scenary. A lot of things are coming into perspective and I really want to sort and just be ready to expand, I've got an interview on the horizon and I'm nervous. I like to feel that If I tell people around me that I’m going to do it, then shit…I have to do it. I like the pressure it puts on. A lot of that is going on right about now. I know that I’m going to do it I just feel so on edge and off kilter because I’m so impatient and want it now!
In my quest to be "young fresh to death" I've got nothing but hot ass sneakers, polo boots and sport boots. I need a 'regular person shoe' but I still want to be me and not just another, so I really think chelsea boots are the way I'm going to go.
Jumping up and down/doin' it isn't my main priority I mean I'm not that lursty but it is on my mind. The last time I was home was new years and I spent it with my boy Lloyd and his two brothers. We ended up at the blue flame where I met young ralph and this cute ass girl named 'kim'.

She was there with her girls and it was all cool. We talked from there and shes 22ish has kids and talks real funny on the phone. Due to me only being home for a hot minute and her working and shit, the one time I went to see her we never could really 'kick it' like we were supposed to. I say all that to say I'm debating on whether or not to call her, but I most likely will....


Radio friendly unit shifter

I got a chance to go to the High Museum with my bro Nick... It was kind of spur of the moment (I heard about those clay soliders and found an exhibit based on that 'brendan frasier movie the mummy 4')
This is the statue of 'ruth' I'm not a well versed on the bible as I should be, but I think ruth was the one who wiped Jesus' face and the cloth came away with his face or something... Anyways It's crazy how he manipulated the marble to get that appearance.

I love carved statues. I mean I think the detail and the artistry that went into the is mindblowing, I mean it actually blows my mind. But this statue is based on a greek woman Medea, who murders her children when she finds out about her husbands betrayal.

This is 'the pirate' by Norman Rockwell.

Don't remember by who but I did like it and I'm not even a fan of contemporary art.

'the madonna'

'la madonna'


Have you seen me?


The rule of three

I really don't know what the fuck is wrong with me... I mean it's no secret I like the hunt and the chase a whoooole lot more than I like the kill. Even though the kill is fluckin swheat and I tire of the bullshit of the hunt sometimes , I still love the hunt....Anyways, I switched sim cards from my trusty Sidekick LX I've had since like Jan. 2008 to my Iphone and I was going through my trash can. My trash can is where numbers of girls/friends/contacts go and it goes all the way back to the original sidekick, the sidekick 2, and the 3 to the LX! So I've got 110 girls numbers in here and when I meet a girl I write a little bit of info about them after we meet because...

A.They might have a super common name like Krystle or Kiki

B. I really might not remember what they look like or what they were talking about so I try to right something about her.

C. If I ever wanna pass the number off to one of my bros (kind of fucked up but the call is like..

Girl : Didn't you have on them blue jeans and white shoes?

Lloyd: Yeah that was me....

Girl: I remember you now

99% of the time it works half the time

D. If I ever wanna try and spark something up after a long hiatus I can call and jog her memory
So I was looking through all these numbers and reminiscing and thinking about how many girls I just jumped with a couple times and just never really flucked with like that again. It's like I only want to jump up and down with girls like a few times then it's like I want "new new". Even girls who've got that "pure brita water filter juice" I still want the new hotness...


My Thoughts on NYC

I said it and I meant it....

The last time i went to NYC it was summer time and the girls were out and I was in uniform and the drinks were flowing (free of course) and it was all starbursts and skittles....

Fast forward to winter 2K09.....

I'm getting out of the Penn Station and as soon as I step out, NYC cold just disrespects/PWND/OWND my feeble winter coat....I mean Katt Williams was right about getting a jacket from there, cause that cold was a different breed! After going to Am Appy and picking some stuff out it was back out into the cold...Me and my bro Smitty were hungry and wanted diamonds but we settled for Ruby Tuesdays and while we were there getting drunk and people watching, we both made the decision that we could never move to NY.

1. People are so rude

2. It's so cold in the NYC

3. The only reason to leave the house would be for work and for "jumping up and down" and even then that would be on a case by case basis...

4. I don't smoke but /i felt my bros pain as he gave the cashier a $20 and got like 9 dollars in change, a lighter and a pack of Newports.

5. 22 dollars for a bottle of Absolute...Fuck outta here, I'd rather drink a placenta milkshake!

Maybe Im just a country bumpkin/suburb kid
but you can take that impersonal lifestyle back to "Fahrenheit 451/1984'' Don't get me wrong I love the fashion, style, culture, bustle, people, smells(?), sights and sounds. But I just can't support that cold weather!

As much as Red Bank, New Jersey sucks balls (haven't seen one black person OR attractive black women...I did see a few in Atlantic City though) I'll prolly be chillin there until we leave this armpit...

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