The rule of three

I really don't know what the fuck is wrong with me... I mean it's no secret I like the hunt and the chase a whoooole lot more than I like the kill. Even though the kill is fluckin swheat and I tire of the bullshit of the hunt sometimes , I still love the hunt....Anyways, I switched sim cards from my trusty Sidekick LX I've had since like Jan. 2008 to my Iphone and I was going through my trash can. My trash can is where numbers of girls/friends/contacts go and it goes all the way back to the original sidekick, the sidekick 2, and the 3 to the LX! So I've got 110 girls numbers in here and when I meet a girl I write a little bit of info about them after we meet because...

A.They might have a super common name like Krystle or Kiki

B. I really might not remember what they look like or what they were talking about so I try to right something about her.

C. If I ever wanna pass the number off to one of my bros (kind of fucked up but the call is like..

Girl : Didn't you have on them blue jeans and white shoes?

Lloyd: Yeah that was me....

Girl: I remember you now

99% of the time it works half the time

D. If I ever wanna try and spark something up after a long hiatus I can call and jog her memory
So I was looking through all these numbers and reminiscing and thinking about how many girls I just jumped with a couple times and just never really flucked with like that again. It's like I only want to jump up and down with girls like a few times then it's like I want "new new". Even girls who've got that "pure brita water filter juice" I still want the new hotness...


Jaded said...

lol. New hotness? Yeah thats only fun until you realize sexually all these girls are the same and you want something more. :-)

A.M. said...

& u make me laugh once more...don't be screwing us nice girls over though, it hurts :/

& u guys share numbers?lol wow. Didn't know chics really fell for that. Best believe I remember everyone i give my # 2.

Hope all is well w/u though. See u round the blog.

demiera said...

"99% of the time it works half the time" <= LOL!!

My general rule is not to give out my number unless dude is real cool and he knows we're just friends. Or unless im feeling fiesty and want to do a little flirting to stay on top of my game. Otherwise...naahhh. And its in a guys nature to love the hunt...that's how you were made (according to my auntie). The trick is finding a girl who can feed into that and keep you wanting more.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

110 numbers..jeezus...i dont think i have had more than 60 numbers in my phone before.

e.jay said...

Lawl, I hope I'm not in anyone's "trash can". I sure as hell ain't been passed off on anyone...that I know of, lol.

xxjudyyboOty said...

Lmao. I like this blog.
I do the same thing. I have like three Brittany Ws on my phone so I have to put a memo or something in there.

but damn. 110 females.

Nana said...

"brita water" lawd god that is some funny shit. Damn. 110 you need to take pics on your phone. Like when ur rummagging (spell check that shit dont know its real, like i care Anygays) through your closet you be like "oh shit i forgot bout that shirt!!

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