This weekend kinda sucked... when I know that I have to come in and work on sunday, spend the night there and go straight into work on monday it's like having a clock of impending doom on my shoulder. But I tried to make the best of it though. I went out on friday with a really pretty girl who's got a speaking voice just like kelis. Which to me is so flucking sexy! She's also got aspirations of modeling, I don't believe she's applebottom or southpole model material but I can mos def see her in high fashion cause even though she tells me she's 5"7 I know that she's really like 5'10. But we went to see the happening which was meh at best...

So sunday comes around and some people got together and took moneies to buy and cook some chicken and hot dogs, and when I say cook, that's all they did. Cau-cajan style too! Straight from the package to the grill, burnt up to your plate. I can't even stunt I was hungry as hell though so I did tear it up later that night for reals....


the decreaser

My boy nic used to always say "To be a millionaire all you needed was either an original idea everyday or a way to improve on something thats already out." I laughed then but it's hard as fuck to come up with a novel idea as it is (hamburger earmuffs) let alone on everyday? Sad to say nic isn't a millionaire but he plays golf and enjoys his life... But personally I think when your shoes look like that crease are the last thing you need to be worried about, but I can see the logic and genius in his design.




Honestly I think ambiguity is one of the sexiest attributes a girl can posess and I know one who's got ambiguity for days...or It could be her duality that attracts me, going from seemingly meek extra regular, extra ordinary chick to a sassy wise cracking sexpot.. Either way me likee... and even though I like the hunt way more than I like the kill, sometimes I just wish I could be like ryan seacrest

and say "cut the crap" you like me and you know I like you! You know how I get down and I'm sure you do your thing so stop playin in my face! Now don't get me flucked up, I don't even mean you just throw the punani from the jump. Unless you really want to, but I'm just getting tired of playing these fuckity fuck fuck games!... but where would the fun be in that? I guess it's all about appreiciating something more cause you work for it...
Anyways I gave my final test sample today and now am officially going to DC on the 15th and donating my bone marrow on the 21st, so while I'm up there I will party like there's no tommorow, cause the way I see it; this one kind act can probably erase or vindicate the numerous wrongs I've done, plus I've heard club love, h20 and platinum are off the yazabah.

Oh yeah I found a an affordable studio I'm gonna check out tommorow so hopefully it's pretty swheat and doesn't look like a shoebox diorama!


Why I put on

I've been "blogging" since like August of 2005, when I got the camera piece for my sidekick 1. Now it's 3 sidekicks later (I love the flip) and I'm on it a lil heavier. But as for my start with hotfishgrease, since I'm never without my sidekick lx, I would write these self-indulgent notes which were sometimes very introspective ; dealing with my feelings or sometimes just what was going on at the time with me and even more of the time some old bullshit; but I'd send them into facebook notes. Then a girl I was kicking it with at the time said she really dug my writing and enjoyed reading it... That along with reading i hope they serve beer in hell inspired me to put my shortcomings and triumphs out there for everyone to critique and enjoy. I've said it before but writing just feels good, and it's even swheater that people fluck with it and some even "crush" on it. So if you've got a lil' time on your hands or just wanna see me when I had a hightop fade last december, check out my "My life before hotfishgrease.blogspot..."

Surface picnic

I got to leave work hella early to go to this picnic for a series of professional and recreational events that the midatlantic region ships and commands were involved in... me myself I played chess and honstly sometimes even jumping up and down with a girl doesn't feel as good as knowing that my opponent doesn't know it yet, but I'm about to bust his head to the white meat! But I came in sixth out of like the 80 people who were involved total and I placed second out of the five people from my ship.


get smart

After paying $500 I got my car back at like 5:10 puerto rican chick calls me at 5:13, so I wiped all the dust and shit off of my car, and was hella happy that I waxed it the day before my "accident". So I got a cut, showered then headed to her mom's restaurant to scoop her.
I get there and I don't know what she did but she looks like extra good, I mean she got on these jeans and from the front she's gapped out and in the back she's poked out. So I chill in her moms restaurant and its boomin for real for reals! I mean like damn... you know how mobsters hang out in those italian restaurants thats how those ricans were hangin out in here... I thought when my black ass walked in I'd get the turntable music stop sound or whatever but nah... so I'm in there and she's waitin for her friend to bring her some trees, so this dude who looks like the mufucka playin piano and singing the hook in that rick ross and nelly video drops it off, says what's up and hugs her moms then rolls out.
So before I go out back with her, I told her to suprise me with someting to eat, and order it for me, cause I figure by the time she's done, the alcapurrias (beef in a real thin dough) they'll be done. I go out back and she's already rolled up and chiefin and she tells me that "here I am" lookin ass dude was her ex, and he was tryna charge her up about me, but she said he isn't part of her life anymore but her mom likes him cause he's puerto rican...and her mom really really wants her to date a rican, but she doesn't want to cause she knows that culture or whatnot... so I was like you can tell her I'm from north puerto rico!
But in my head I'm kinda like you know I thought we were just hanging out! Even though I wouldn't mind flucking with her like that, but there is 1 maybe 2 things in the way... and even those I can get around. One by ignorance until it changes and the other with a conundrum of fabrications.
So after she took that blunt to the head we were ready to head out, but I was hella hungry and I wanted my alcapurrias, and she smells like a pound and is like "I'm not getting them like this evrybody will know I'm high!" and me myself I really didn't wanna go in there, so she was like I'll ask my mom to bring 'em out! I'm like damn cause the last time I was with her and around her mom, she was tipsy as a mouse, and now she's riding shotgun with my black ass high as fuck... so her mom comes out and is like "hi andre" and drops of the food and goes back in....
So we head out to the movies and all the while she's runnin' her mouth about the wildest shit ( If you go backwards at the speed of light, you can go back in time. You've never heard that? ) so I just turned up the music and tried to drown her out...
So we get there and I give her my prada's to wear cause her eyes are red red, and we go in and it sucks cause it's like 9:35 and the next "get smart" isn't till 10. So we go in "the happening" and I for some stupid reason follow her high ass to the very last row, when we only were tryna kill time in there, so by the time "the happening we have to walk all the way back down, and then all I hear is "shit" and her like grabbin my shoulder, and if I wasn't kinda lightly holdin the handrail, we both would've fell, they would've turned the house lights on and everybody would point at us and laugh..
So we get in "get smart" and sit down or and I hit her with the smoove ass "yaaawn stretch arm thing" and everything was cool except this young punk and his girl sat like a seat away when there was like hella other seats, and I guess he could feel my rage cause after a hot second they moved.
So it's like 12 when we leave and are on the way back to her house and she's like what are you doing afterwards?
I was like probably just gonna chill out.... "true, well you can chill out over here."
If I didn't have to drive back, if I didn't have duty the next day I definatly would've chilled. But if 'if was a fifth' right? So I just dropped her off and called it a night...

Oh yeah, get smart is the funniest movie I've seen all year, no stunt.


Happy belated Fathers Day!

I wish I would have seen this earlier.. My sentiments exactly...

I always said I never really wanted to be like my father; but I with my lurstful heart and selfishness and willingness to shirk responsibility. Who knows how I'll turn out. My mom is always telling me to call him and how his father passed before he could ever make amends. But the bad things I remember about him outweight the good. I remember learning the words to "Nuthin But a G thang" and seeing the video at his house for the first time, along with "hermans head". Or how my father never was without Carmex (much like me, I need it to survive and in the words of Diddy; "It helps me maintain my sexy") and big red gum.

But I remember him putting my hand on the circle stove burner for not knowing when christmas was and numerous other fuck ups, and where coming from school he'd act all nice and shit and right when I came out the shower, that extension cord had me diving around like greg louganis... but thats just love. So in my mind I'm like what can you really do for me father? Last year with "my daughter who wasn't my daughter crisis" he tried to charge me up about these girls out here... Come on now, if it wasn't for your "advice" I'd have a brother!


Woody lump lump

Even though I'm all about quenching my lurst; at the same time I'm a dating ass dude. Which is good and bad cause a girl I could probably just bring over to my crib, watch a movie and jump up and down with. I might go to the movies or out to eat with her instead and afterwards might not even thrash. Which I don't have a problem with because I'm really doing shit I enjoy, and suggest but I like having company you know. But let my boy Rych and them tell it, "I'm trickin like a mufucka on these hoes and fattening the frog for a snake" cause supposedly after she goes out to eat with me or whatever with me, she's gonna be callin "DeQwon" to come lay some pipe, like I'm just woody lump lump... of course I know that's bullshit, but at the time they were tellin' me this, I was stressin hella hard over a lot of stuff and a lot of girls I was talking to at the time got "two minute drills" and some were lucky to get even that! Sad, I know. But puerto rican chick called me yesterday and was like she lost her phone and wanted to hang out on friday. So I'll see what's up and it might really suck cause I know damn well if we come back to my place and I bust down, driving her back to virginia beach is gonna be the last thing I wanna do, cause I have to be to work at 7:15!


"He'll cut you down to size"

It made me chuckle...


More fire!

Just some pick ups.. Sade is a beast, I mean I've been on lovers rock of course, but damn... and the Santana album I bought is off the yazabah for reals. I had no idea Usher was singing on that Poetic Justice soundtrack, I saw a album called "Call me a mack" with him lookin young as hell. But when I first moved to Georgia, my mom stayed in Sandy Springs which is kinda like where "new new" lived in ATL... I was going to Woodland elementary and I remember this kid that stayed in my complex giving us these tapes of his brother or cousin he stayed with "Usher". I can't think of the song name but it was before My way.... Who woulda thunk it?


Weekend update

After a couple of hours of geeking out and not being able to get in touch with Ashley (I haven't talked to her in a hot minute, so my 4th might be kinda lonely and that's really gonna suck cause as much as I do me, I'm sure she's doing her to some extent, because even though in the little time we were together, I know it was more than a physical thing, I mean I didn't just like her I liked her liked her... but either way I'm still gonna take time off and enjoy myself cause I need a mini vacation before I donate bone marrow) and puerto rican chick her phone was off like a dog... So my boy Lloyd hit me up askin me to show him where Solebrother was; we go up there and I see the lobster SB's that got released and I wasn't feeling em at all, after that we went to Commonwealth and those Reeboks were still callin my name. After that we went to " Los' " house this dude who works with Lloyd to put some music on his Ipod. We kicked it over there for a sec before we went to a park like down the street cause a dude we knew was throwin a lil' get together there. So we go and I'm like "dwamn" cause I guess it was like a bike rider get together at the park too, and when I say it was thick with bikes, it was thick! Dudes on scretched bikes with chrome and girls with nothin but back on that motorbike everywhere! So at the dudes birthday picnic I knew a few people so I went to get my eat my eat on, so as me and lloyd are walkin, I step on a juice box and it squirts all over him right in front of these girls, and thinkin back now. The shit probably looked intentional as hell cause not a drop got on me and these girls were crackin up and I wanted to laugh to but I saw he was hot about that shit... so we just post up on a car and I see my dude from Texas and he came with his people and they were all mounted up, rims screens and everything. I mean I don't really consider myself a materialistic dude too much, but I mean I would love to have a car that was in the game, because not to many things feel as good as just ridin' around clean as hell. But with gas the way it is, spending about $8000 to get a car and put it in the game really isn't to high priority... So I kicked it with him and chilled. Oh yeah a girl from my boy Rych's get together came by and tried to stunt on me and Lloyd, but whatever.... afterwards even though I kinda promised myself I wasn't gonna go out "Sit back n relax. Watch the ceiling fan spin." is some advice I got, I was ready to go out for reals, but I didn't wanna go to the lil hood ass sweatbox they were planing on going too, and they were dead set against goin to a upscale spot 'cause they tax $20 for sneakers at the door. But I'm like what's $30 to have a good time? We already got liquor, so we get right before and don't worry about buyin' drinks.. But they weren't tryna hear that, and honestly I really wasn't feeling the idea of going out too much I just wanted to do something... So we just ended up chillin at Lloyds house watchin Iron Chef till we fell asleep....

a series of unfortunate events

It's funny how one thing can just cause a chain of events and it's actually not very funny sometimes. Last sunday night at like 11pm I went to K-Mart to get some bottled water and ketchup chips and I met a "Simon & Garfunkel Mrs.Robinson" buying a vinyl / cd player, I was like I'm suprised you're buyin that and she was like "why" I said cause most people don't know records sounds better than cd's! So we were talking about albums and I carried the player to her car and I was like maybe I could check out your albums some time and see if you've got anything good? She was like "what are you doing now?" So I went to her house, she stayed like right around the corner, and she had some pretty good stuff (Motor Booty Affair, La La Means I Love You, Off the wall) I was really impressed , but I mean it was like 12am and albums really weren't that much on my mind... so we're sitting there and there was kinda an akward pause, and she was like "So...." so I went to wash my hands and then made a move.. So were in her living room and I hear a door open and she jumps off me like someone put fire to her ass, and I'm like WTF is that? She was like "it's my son, I almost lost control" I said we can't go into your room? And she was like "I don't have a bed, I'm still moving stuff from North Cac" So by now the lurst is controlling my actions, so I say well you got some blankets or whatever.... so we jump up and down and I'm kinda rolling at some of the shit she says "Why don't you have a GF to give this good D to?!" So afterwards she's like I don't think I can keep up with you... I'm like "why not" she says "I'm almost 40!" hmmmm I'm kinda shocked cause I figured she had some age on her, but at the oldest I guessed like 34-36 which is I guess... almost 40. Duh

So on the way home I was kinda just cruising and playing my music low and I say to myself I just did my thing and I'm sitting here driving slow as hell! So I crank it up and speed up; I come across a nieghborhood intersection too fluckin fast and BOOM!!! "STOP!!! Check oil pressure" my car says(It's a VW), so I kinda knew what I did then but I didn't wanna believe it, so I make it home grab my flashlight and sure enough I cracked my fuckin oil pan! So I file a claim and already charge that $500 deductable to the game.

So all through last week I'm ridin' with Lloyd to work and the one day I need to be there on time is the one day I'm late... so because of that all this week I gotta come in at 5am a whole hour early...all because of the lurst!


Burning with....

With my car in the shop over some V, I'm just gonna have to have patience like that to resist the urge to go out and shit.. So my weekend will consist of a lot of phone boning abnd X-Box live... But even though I say all this, the lurst might make me change my mind!


Chivalry is dead...

I think I was at the Afram fest when I saw this, but I remember the chick having a screwface the whole time of the performance cause dude was just chillin' in that chair. What made it all the more funnier was that right in front the opposite situation happened dude was standing, while his chick was sitting.

Junior Cd's

Seeing sounds = Beast!
I went to Music City and they were locked up (You gotta ring a buzzer to get in because they sell shit early and they get raided supposedly) and I almost got hoodwinked into buying a copy from Wal-Mart until I actually took a look.,, and saw edited.

It hasn't grown on me like Fly or Die and In Search of... did But the vibe is real cool and laid back, I can see this as the soundtrack for hipster gatherings and taco socials everywhere... My only thing is that there will be like a real cool part of a beat that it'll switch up to and then switch back, and I'll be like damn bring that beat back!
Yeah You is the standout track to me...

Now the Carter 3 kinda is a dissapointment to me, but Thats not an official statement, cause I've only given it one listen through, but a track with Fab did stand out... "I'll pop up at your crib like Xzibit"



I got tagged by Miss Kandi Black with this meme thing and I thought it was pretty cool so you should too...
MEME Rules:
1. put your itunes/ music player on shuffle
2. for each question, press the next button to get your answer.
After you’ve answered all of the questions, tag 5 other people and then let them know they’ve been tagged to do the meme themselves!

first off aRych, K.Denise, Taryn take it...

[if someone says "is this okay?, you say?]
B.Y.S.- Ganstarr
[what would best describe your personality?]
White Wedding - Billy Idol
[what do you like in a guy/girl?]
Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix
[how do feel today?]
My Age - Sublime
[what is your life's purpose?]
Criminal - Fiona Apple
[what is your motto?]
Should I Stay or should I go? - the clash
[what do your friends think of you?]
I hate Jimmy Page - Mindless Self Indulgence
[what do you think of your parents?]
Life like weeds - modest mouse
[what do you think about very often?]
Freeway time in L.A. County Jail - sublime
[what is 2+2?]
Fuck me pumps - Amy Winehouse
[what do you think of your best friend?]
Bonita Applebum - A tribe called quest
[what do you think of the person you like?]
Dreadlock Holiday - Snatch soundtrack
[what is your life story?]
Transistor - 311
[what do you want to be when you grow up?]
Brother - Gil Scott Heron
[what do you think when you see the person you like?]
Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin
[what do your parents think of you?]
Werdz from the ghetto child - Gangstarr
[what will you dance to at your wedding?]
Every little thing she does is magic - the police (I probably will too!)
[what will they play at your funeral?]
Dual Mr.Anthony Tillmon Williams Process - miles davis
[what is your hobby/interest?]
Blue Train - Cibo Mato
[what is your biggest secret?]
Sun Godess - Yesterday's New Quintet
[what do you think of your friends?]
Teenage Electric - Circle Jerks
[what should you post this as?]
Aqualung - Jethro Tull


words to heed from my boy..

I mean she’s bad, her crib is plushed out and she goes to school… You should just get her pregnant...

That's what my dog Lloyd told me about this chick I like down in Jacksonville, if things go right, she'll be coming up here and staying with me for the week of the 4th.


Pot luck-BBQ madness

It felt damn good getting off of work at 11:45! I mean when I normally get off at 1-1:30, shit this was monumental for me... so in preparation for the potluck and the weekend in general I decided to change my oil and wash and wax that Jetta thang. So as I'm at the garage getting ready to get a pnuematic lift, I see a dude Eller I haven't seen since like Feb of '06... we really didn't kick it too hard cause it was him, my boy Ray and me. And me and Ray kicked it super hard and I'd say Ray was our common friend. So we talked and just caught up for a second... so I go to chage my oil and I bought the wrong fuckin filter... so anyways I head home and by then it's about 4, and call the puerto rican chick and tell her she better be making some kinda food and don't tell me what cause I want it to be a suprise... so I get ready and shower and shit and head to pick her up, so I get over there and go to the door and some lil' young punk answers and is like "yeah she's upstairs, so I go up there and there's another young punk up there too... now I really can't get mad and I didn't at all because I know I'm just "leasing" the vajaja, but still I'm kinda like "oooo-k" so we dip out to her moms puerto rican restaurant and pick up the food. Her mom really hooked it up with some "empanadas" so after we go back to her crib, her friend calls her and is like "girl I'm bout to beat this bitchs ass blah blah blah come up here blah blah blah!" so even though it's like 6:45, it just sounds to entertaining to miss... so we go up there and apparently her friend "Rainy" got into it with another chick who worked at her Wendy's and was waiting outside for the chick to get off.. Now "rainy" was like 5'5 180 and looked like she could put some hand on a broad, and puerto rican's like 5'7 117, talkin all sorts of cash shit about "fuckin bitches up" so after about 8 minutes of listening to them talk about what they were gonna do to her, I knew there was no way this chick was gonna come out.

So we get to rich's house at 8pm just like I said we would and I introduce puerto rican chick around and take credt for her "empanadas." It was a pretty cool mix of people there and a girl who I know liked me and at the time I was just being too wack to really move past flirting, and when I did want to persue her, she was fucking with some wack ass trendoid bizzaro version of me. So they stopped kickin it and we didn't really talk as much, but I still know she likes me, and she is cute, kinda wack and goofy but still cute. So I kinda felt good stuntin on her with puerto rico, and it had the desired effect. So we played Taboo and just ate and clowned, then I made this gangsta ass patron magarita and gave puerto rican chick like two big cups, and as much as I wanted to sip and then talk about people, I'm not drinking and driving anymore! So my boy Rich was well on his way to getting drunk and when it comes to roastin' that boy is a monster, so right when we were just getting started chick wanted to leave, so I hit this dude with a monster gap with a good one then left on a high note, all the while cussin puerto rico out for laughing at the jokes about me. LOL

But boy when we got in that car, aw man this girl started trippin for reals... first she was like yeah, "I wish I coulda whopped that bitch's ass today I would've been droppin her" and then she started shdowboxing at my windshield for a real hot minute and then rapping and saying everything in rhyme,"everybody loves my moms restaurant cause the food is good and she wants to open another spot in norfooooolk" and all the while I'm just egging her on...


The shmack Sample sale!!!

I had gotten an email from Shmack about a sample sale earlier during the week and even though I didn't know what a sample sale was... I knew that it as an oppurtunity to make some serious come ups on clothes, and that's alright with me. So I wake up on saturday and head out there, I txtd a friend of mine who stays in the area to get her ass up and check it out but no dice. So anyway I get there and it looks like a fell off the truck sale, but there was some real hot shit out there, and I wanted to get my browse on harder than what I did but I remember passing a bank and it said the temperature was like 103... So to keep from lookin like the "bic man" I hit it pretty hard and fast... while I was there one of the shmack intern girls asked me about signing up for the mailing list, I told her "that's how I found out about this" and we rapped a tad about fashion and other shit, she asked me if I like "blac label" I told her peope who wear it should be shot, and she was like "believe it or not people want shmack to be more blac labelish" That would really suck because shmack has been kinda hit or miss lately but I still fluck with them because their hits are pretty spectacular. Anyways here's my pickups.I bought a wallet I thought was petty cool, only thing is I can't fit money in there without folding it in half...oh yeah I copped my Skytop's and I got em for the L-O!



Tonight I’ll be hitting up a little housewarming party for my boy Rich, even though he’s been living there for like 4 months! I’m not trippin about it though, people I work with and clown with will be there and it’ll be real cool just to come through and chill and get my eat and drink on. I had wanted to bring Emily the chick from the club, but after a talk we had on the phone last night IDK… As much as I want to kick it with her I know I damn sure I don’t really want what she wants. I asked her scraight up what she was lookin for and she said “she doesn’t want anybody to be a father to her son cause he’ll always have one, but she wants a man her son can look up to.” I can understand and feel her but I’m not that dude and I’m not gonna play that role just to jump up and down with her! So she hit me with the same question, I said “I honestly don’t know what I looking for, But I think I’ll know it when I find it…” Which even as I said it sounded like some bullshit, and she caught on and was like “So you’re just gonna keeping cycling through random girls ‘till you find it huh?” But anyways Puerto Rican chick will be coming with and I told her to make some chili con carne or something exotic or else NO food = No Eat LOL


It's Mister Disc

I honestly think this is pretty sweet, albeit totally impractical and potentially dangerous to your albums! I could mos def see myself hitting the streets (very carefully) with this on my hip. I believe if they were to come out with these today, it could give the Ipod and run for its money... Well probably not because it has to be played on a flat surface and can't be played while moving. But still how sweet is it?



I met up with a girl I met from the club and even though it was unexpected as hell, it went off pretty smooth... I started off running a errand and she hit me up or whatever saying she had school but she might buck it cause she finished her test or whatever... so I just said hit me up when you get out... all I really planned on doin was listening to some new albums I got, and maybe talking with her laters, so I'm at the crib doing just that when she calls me like an hour later asking me what I'm doin. So I say just chillin' and she's like I'm tryna see you today, and I'm on my way to your house after I pick up my son! So I kinda raised my eyebrows at that, I was gonna kinda charge her up about it, but I'm like "oh yeah?" and she's like "should I get a babysitter or what?" so I ask her scraight up "what did you have in mind to do?" she was like ''I just want to chill" I know that in girl speak sometimes chill means chill and sometimes it means "chiiillllllll" so I took it as the first and said "yeah bring your lil dude through"... After I got off the phone I'm really kinda kicking myself for telling her to come through cause I honestly couldn't remember what the chick really looked like other than she was a yellowbone and the day after the club I had asked her for a picture... and she sent me a pic she took of a picture of her! I'm also not just a rude ass dude or whatever and I don't wanna just not answer her call when she gets near my crib, so I just asked myself, what else am I doing?
So I'm directing her to my crib and my directions are pretty shitty so I meet her up at 7-11 and I see her and she's hella cute for reals, and even though she had just came from school and was still in her scrubs, I could see she was workin with a lil something or whatever.. So we come back to my place and I'm kinda thrown off a lil bit because this chick has a freakin baby with her! I mean I knew she would but I'm still like damn! But I mean we kicked it and rapped a tad and the first question I really asked her was "where's the daddy?" and she was like dude wasn't shit so she just had to do her, which I can respect... all in all she seemed pretty chill and not about that bullshit, and that's hella rare with meetin girls at the club. So I'll just keep an open mind and see what happens.

Vinyl Pickups

Did some digging today and picked up some pretty hot shit... I can't wait till I get my MPC 1000 on deck and can start making it "Mr.Nasty time"


Don't bite the D

1.Lil' Wayne says fuck mixtape DJs.

2. .DJ's say fuck Lil Wayne right back and leak his album.

I told my homeboy about that and he was all like "lil wayne is smart, he doesn't want MC getbusy and DJ Local joker putting his shit out there! Just official DJ's!"
I told that man he's a damn fool for saying that. I wish we weren't at work when I told him so I could send him to his room to think about the bullshit he just said! How the fuck are you gonna bite the hand that feeds you when these same MC Getbusy's are keeping you hot in the streets? Even though that DJ might take some heat, I damn sure feel where he's comin from... So now it looks like Phareezy is the only album I'm gonna cop on the 10th.

It's funny how things work out.



Last night was hella chill... I went over to my dog lloyd's house to ride with him to the club, cause I'm damn sure driving drunk anymore. It's by the grace of God I'm not dead or in jail, plus they knock heads off for that shit down here.. Anyways I'm over there and just chilling before we go out, and my boy's homeboy shawt shawt came over with his girl and her friend.Now they sit down and the couches are right acroos from each other seperated by a coffee table, and shawt's girl wearing a skirt and when I know how most girls might cross thier legs or sit to the side, I'm talking legs wide open for reals. So I peeped it out or whatever and just SMH... her friend sabrina is skinny as a rail has a damn 40 of Old English! I saw it and I said "the champagne of beers" So we're talking about everything like how shawt shawt lied to her about what he did when he met her and lloyd didn't tell her he was lying.. I personally feel like if a dude knows his homeboy is lying to hit a chick and he calls him out in front of the chick, what kinda nigga is he? Definatly not your homeboy I say...but the funniest shit was how shawt's girl was like lloyd you let him lie to me just so he could get some draws! What do you think I am?" so lloyd was like "no disrespect but when I first met y'all, y'all would come over with big ass 40's and shit, and if I didn't know y'all.. Shit I'd think you were hoodrats or whatever!" I swear I almost died laughin at that and what made it so bad is that Sabrina was taking a swig of OE while he was saying that, and then she said "we didn't always have beer lloyd, sometimes we had blunts" LMAO... Then we were talkin their friend lloyd played to the left cause she's 23 got five kids by three different dudes and is married to the one that's in jail and she's out doing her thing... and how a woman really can't raise a man and teach him all he really needs to know about shit, I mean it was just me and my mom and I came out good if I say so myself, but there was hella shit I learned for myself. I really couldn't see talkin' to my mom about these girls out here and whatnot. BUT trial and error is a pretty damn good teacher... So we were gettin pretty loud about it, then I was like "look at Tre and Doughboy, Tre had his dad raising him and he went to college or whatever and y'all know what happened to Doughboy!"
The club itself was pretty straight, Lloyd was on point that night and I was playing catch up but sometimes you're on and sometimes your not... but it was straight I can't even lie...

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