The shmack Sample sale!!!

I had gotten an email from Shmack about a sample sale earlier during the week and even though I didn't know what a sample sale was... I knew that it as an oppurtunity to make some serious come ups on clothes, and that's alright with me. So I wake up on saturday and head out there, I txtd a friend of mine who stays in the area to get her ass up and check it out but no dice. So anyway I get there and it looks like a fell off the truck sale, but there was some real hot shit out there, and I wanted to get my browse on harder than what I did but I remember passing a bank and it said the temperature was like 103... So to keep from lookin like the "bic man" I hit it pretty hard and fast... while I was there one of the shmack intern girls asked me about signing up for the mailing list, I told her "that's how I found out about this" and we rapped a tad about fashion and other shit, she asked me if I like "blac label" I told her peope who wear it should be shot, and she was like "believe it or not people want shmack to be more blac labelish" That would really suck because shmack has been kinda hit or miss lately but I still fluck with them because their hits are pretty spectacular. Anyways here's my pickups.I bought a wallet I thought was petty cool, only thing is I can't fit money in there without folding it in half...oh yeah I copped my Skytop's and I got em for the L-O!


Lina said...

Im super jealous that you got Skytops.

THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. said...

interesting post.
sample sales = HOTT.
niiice kicks.
i ordered myself the white ones. they're really "safe" and boring, but i wanted some, and thats what they had in my size (5.5)

Andre said...

Safe, no m'aam....I've seen the whites in person and they are stunchy as hell! But the comakazi's = beast!


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