I met up with a girl I met from the club and even though it was unexpected as hell, it went off pretty smooth... I started off running a errand and she hit me up or whatever saying she had school but she might buck it cause she finished her test or whatever... so I just said hit me up when you get out... all I really planned on doin was listening to some new albums I got, and maybe talking with her laters, so I'm at the crib doing just that when she calls me like an hour later asking me what I'm doin. So I say just chillin' and she's like I'm tryna see you today, and I'm on my way to your house after I pick up my son! So I kinda raised my eyebrows at that, I was gonna kinda charge her up about it, but I'm like "oh yeah?" and she's like "should I get a babysitter or what?" so I ask her scraight up "what did you have in mind to do?" she was like ''I just want to chill" I know that in girl speak sometimes chill means chill and sometimes it means "chiiillllllll" so I took it as the first and said "yeah bring your lil dude through"... After I got off the phone I'm really kinda kicking myself for telling her to come through cause I honestly couldn't remember what the chick really looked like other than she was a yellowbone and the day after the club I had asked her for a picture... and she sent me a pic she took of a picture of her! I'm also not just a rude ass dude or whatever and I don't wanna just not answer her call when she gets near my crib, so I just asked myself, what else am I doing?
So I'm directing her to my crib and my directions are pretty shitty so I meet her up at 7-11 and I see her and she's hella cute for reals, and even though she had just came from school and was still in her scrubs, I could see she was workin with a lil something or whatever.. So we come back to my place and I'm kinda thrown off a lil bit because this chick has a freakin baby with her! I mean I knew she would but I'm still like damn! But I mean we kicked it and rapped a tad and the first question I really asked her was "where's the daddy?" and she was like dude wasn't shit so she just had to do her, which I can respect... all in all she seemed pretty chill and not about that bullshit, and that's hella rare with meetin girls at the club. So I'll just keep an open mind and see what happens.

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K. Denise said...

Club joints seem to never work out. It might for you though. Hopefully

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