Too much sex?

I've got five words for all this sex addict talk, GTFOH.

I mean when I think about some of the things I've put up with to 'get it' (late night drives, staying up hella late when I know I've gotta be at work, trying to get that 'last minute lovin' and having to rush to work, choosing 'jumping up and down' over chilling with my bros) Hell my homeboy called me out the other day, talking about how "I'd rather chill with the females cause I'm a hoes over bros type dude." Even my good friend Bap says 'that shit is gonna be the death of me'

So with all that said, I'd think to myself...

"Damn, maybe I am addicted to that stuff, It's something I could do everyday and I don't see myself wanting to stop, plus there's so many women out there and each time is like a snowflake."

But then I just shake those crazy thoughts away and say, "it's natural and yeah I like it but I don't let it affect my daily life, and I'm not paying for it or anything crazy like that." I can see how it can be addictive though, but as long as you're being safe then it's all good right?


The new tramp stamp?

While my homegirl's tattoo isn't a ridonkulous and this the above. I'm gonna go head and say that I believe 'behind the ear' tattoos are the new tramp stamp.' Not in the fact that they share the same connotation but in the fact that some girls will just flock to 'tramp stamps', 'thigh panthers', 'stars' and 'chinese lettering'.
What do y'all think?

I think unless you live a really, really, really, carefree lifestyle or you can retire by the time your tattoo heals/do tattoos yourself as a profession, it's not a good look...


That's pride fucking with you

I consider myself a pretty prideful person. So when I hear things about not 'starting office romances' I scoff and say...
"I'm different!"

Apparently I'm not. For some reason things really went to the left, and she told me
'we just don't work good together'

Which to me blows my mind after the awesome time we had on valentines day/mothers day for childless single women.
*edit*She has since txted me the reason, because I tried to get a rise out of her when she was already hot at me.

Now at work it's just like that show 'the office' except it's not funny at all just very tense and it's strange because even though I know deep down I kinda want the same things this girl wants, my pride keeps fucking with me because I hate vague responses like that. I mean this girl told me 'she was going to make me wait three months before the sexy time' and I was cool with that because sex isn't too hard to come by, but a girl worth waiting for is and part of me knows that she wasn't 'the be all...' it still sucks balls. So as much as it pains me to be in that environment I won't let it fuck my money up!

But light at the end of the tunnel, my bro Lloyd is back down in Georgia and we're supposed to be getting up tonight and going out somewhere. I don't know if things'll be like they were, cause not much is, but I'm pretty sure it'll be a damn good time.


Haiti is the new katrina?

I wonder where wonder bread was during the actual tragedy?


Don't be 'haitian' on me

It's kinda sad that it takes a natural disaster to spread light on certain places and their plights, but I'm not on any high horse though...


Flipping the script huh?

I was about 22, and hanging really tough with a girl for a about 2 months and things just did like a 180 all of a sudden. I didn't know what to do because I didn't want to just stop messing around with her because she could be cool. So I decided to deal with her by using female tricks.

She noticed I was real friendly with a lot of other women, so she said something like,

"I notice you're friendly with a lot of females."

I said, "Of course. They're my friends."

"Your friends?"

"Yeah. I only have female friends because all my male friends were triflin."

Or I'd call her up and she'd answer and I'd say, "I'm bored." Just like women do to guys when they call us up at some random time of the day and expect me to stop everything to entertain her.

And if I didn't want sex I'd say, "I feel like all we ever do is fuck. You're just using me for sex, aren't you?" Or if she didn't answer her phone the next time I talked to her I'd say, "Why didn't you answer your phone? Probably with some other dude. I'm not just some herb you met on the street. I am an empowered black man.

Needless to say she was confused as fuck. We 'broke up' because of shit like that but I still laugh at some of the shit I pulled. Some of my buddies said I was acting like a dumbass, and yeah it was kind of petty but it felt good to add extra drama just so to get back at her. Women like to do this shit to men, so why can't men pull the same shit? Was I wrong for acting like that?

Anyways, fast forward to 2010 and who do I see walking in the sunglass hut I was in looking sexier than I remember her looking? The same girl. It's crazy to because last I saw her it was in virginia, and to see her down here in atlanta...

I told her it must be fate.

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