Too much sex?

I've got five words for all this sex addict talk, GTFOH.

I mean when I think about some of the things I've put up with to 'get it' (late night drives, staying up hella late when I know I've gotta be at work, trying to get that 'last minute lovin' and having to rush to work, choosing 'jumping up and down' over chilling with my bros) Hell my homeboy called me out the other day, talking about how "I'd rather chill with the females cause I'm a hoes over bros type dude." Even my good friend Bap says 'that shit is gonna be the death of me'

So with all that said, I'd think to myself...

"Damn, maybe I am addicted to that stuff, It's something I could do everyday and I don't see myself wanting to stop, plus there's so many women out there and each time is like a snowflake."

But then I just shake those crazy thoughts away and say, "it's natural and yeah I like it but I don't let it affect my daily life, and I'm not paying for it or anything crazy like that." I can see how it can be addictive though, but as long as you're being safe then it's all good right?


jaded said...

The problem is, lol, that for some people it DOES effect their daily life and the DO pay for it.

I would say the majority of people just do it because they like it a lot and, eventually, they get over it and are normal. But I REALLY think that shit exists.

Don't know if Tiger is addicted...also don't know if I care...but I once saw this episode on BBC about people who suffer from the addiction, it's uhhhh, pretty bad.

Video Vix[o]n said...

Well being a sex addict is a objective term for one... ppl can just like sex a whole lot (i.e: myself) and there have been time where I've made a diggle interrupt my day, but as long as your safe about it, then I think there's no problem...

now when it comes to matters of money over sex, well... I'll just stop there, lol.

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