Goodbye andre

I have to suggest like everything we do and it's like you don't even care...

Me: I kind of know what you like and I wouldn't want you to go to something that you wouldn't like!"

I,I,I,I that's all you think about!

Me: That doesn't even make any sense.

You don't even come out to support me when I DJ

Me: You know I do but you want me to go to the club with you and I'm not gonna go to some teen ass club, you know that's not my scene and I told you I don't want to go to the club with girls I talk to

Girls you talk to! I'm supposed to be your girlfriend and you're calling me a girl you talk to!!!
You are so fucking selfish.........

During a nice easy breezy xbox live gaming session I was interrupted and accosted with accusations and other stuff. At first I was like trying to salvage some sort of relationship, but then I thought. I really don't feel "it" for this girl, it went from a potential relationship to sexual convenience for me and I just realized that she is saying "I love you" when we get off the phone and my reply is like

"okay.....talk to you laters"

I honestly know that she isn't the last stop for me because I've got alot of living to do, and she's 20 and trying to settle down.

So the more into the conversation I went the more I put my foot in my mouth.

Me: I feel like we've invested too much into this?

What have you invested?

Me: Everything!!!

Like what?

Me: My time

Time!!!! Time!! you barely make time for me and I have to call you....

So the climax of the conversation/inquisition comes and I believe she wanted to test my commitment or see where my head is at

I think we should take a break

Me: .........Yeah....we should.


Me: Maybe like a permanent break

Goodbye Andre.

It kind of sucks, but now that I am officially single, I can pursue things with the trini chick and now not have to eagle eye my iphone when it rings and stuff.


The Good, The Bad and the ugly

The Bad

-I'm not much older than the people who work for me and kind of flying by the seat of my pants and I've got to deal with these punk ass youngsters and fresh outta high school girls complaining about not getting enough hours and my unorthodox methods, and they say shit to me like "When Sheila was here we did it like this...blah blah blah" I wanna scream at these young ass fucks "Andre's here and we're doing it like this!"
But I didn't cuss or lose my cool (which is my meal ticket) I just made an example out of the mouthiest chick and cut the shit out of her hours and that got them to come around.

-Me and the DJ chick really haven't been kicking it too tough due to conflicting schedules so every time she comes over it's always a argument about the time we don't spend, and how I'm probably cheating on her, and I do her wrong and then we 'jump up and down' and that placates her for another week.

The Good
-I was kind of worried about my finances since my transition from the Navy, because I have been spending money like a sieve, and I want to live a life of leisure being able to do what I want to do and shop like I like to shop. I recently got my first check from the YMCA and all those worries were put to rest.

-I've been chilling real tough with the chick from Trinidad and she is so hot and cold like most carribean women are, but I kind of like that. She also put me up on True Blood and I look forward to watching that with her as much as I do to seeing her. Crazy right?
It's weird chilling over there though cause her daughter will like come in her room and stuff and the look she gives me just says "What the fuck are you doing here stranger?"

-I've been biking 9.2 miles almost every day for the past two weeks and I feel fucking great. I've cut it down to from 55 to 41 minutes, and I'm no mathematician but according to my calculations thats like 4 minute miles! Along with the swimming I've been doing I'm going from 'gucci mane body' to lookin like that nigga from hip hop abs. Plus I really don't eat too much at work and sometimes eat just when I get home, so in effect I'm kind of starving myself, but whatever gets results right?

-I've been talking to samson and I started a guerilla grow. I have always liked gardening and horticulture and it feels really good to see the effort I put into them grow. I've got four girls (hopefully) growing strong, and I call them Destiny's Child. This is Beyonce, much like her name sake she is towering over the rest of the 3 girls and she even smells good. More on that here though...

The Ugly

-We haven't jumped as of yet but the opportunity did present itself, laying on her bed with just my business socks on and she's naked about to just climb on top of me... I was so tempted to just say "fluck it" do nothing and get my pull out on, but cooler heads prevailed. It's just not worth that sinking feeling in my stomach worrying about the "what if's". So I told her I didn't want to do it without a condom cause it might feel too good, too soon. I was hot at myself for being unprepared for it and she wasn't really tryna hear it and made it seem kind of like if you leave to get a condom, I'm not gonna be in the mood for it...

-Insurance isn't gonna cover me for rear ending that douchebag who ran out of gas on the highway, so that's like $1200 out of my pocket to cover the cost of repair. Plus a court date coming up. So now on my license I've got like 4 accidents in five years. Goodbye low insurance rates. Hello insurance rape

-With my mom working for Delta, I can fly free/pay a fraction of the cost to travel. So my uncle really would like me to come back to Barbados and I'm all set to go, but because programs and classes have just started we've gotta recoup money and stuff I can't get the time off 'till at least july.


22 positions in a one night stand

'You should dance with me...You might not ever ever see me again and you'll be kickin yourself after you dance with the next duck ass dude, cause you coulda been dancin with me..."

Is what he says to her while the lights flash and the bass thumps... They dance face to face and though she isn't normally attracted to dark skinned boys, something about this one...He looks at her.... Yellowbone, small build, skinny in places, fat in the right ones and she can move. Both of their friends they came with are looking at them like "these luvy duvy ass mufuckas are on the dance floor like they're alone and shit, fuck wrong with them?"

They don't pay any attention as they lock eyes and their hands do as they please. Eventually there's a break in the sexual tension when they get a drink together from the bar. The dark skinned boy says the smoothest things (although plagiarized) to the yellowbone like... "Baby you could be a part time model, but you could spend the rest of your time....with me.."

The yellowbone is kind of tipsy, but she knows conciously that she wants to spend a night with this boy...So when it's closing time and they walk arm in arm to his Volkswagen, not many words have to be said...

He always thought she was cute and it seems unreal that she is in the passenger seat of his car and they're are officially on a date. Riding now niether of them can see why they didn't do this sooner. The conversation during dinner had no akward pauses and after they finished the meal before they even noticed it and hour went by. Who get's ice cream after a date? That's just what made everything seems so....so different but in a way that's not bad at all. The ice cream is finished and he licks a little bit of ice cream spillage off of her chin. The lick turns into a kiss and that kiss turns into a heated makeout session.
"I wanna feel it" she says to him...

Although he has jumped up and down with many a girl with no regard to thier feelings or without a seconds hesitation when the opportunity arises, he asks her..

"Are you sure?"

She says yes, and doesn't stop saying it...

Now both of these stories involve sex. In one situation a boy meets a girl in a club and they go home and 'do the booty'. The next situation the boy takes a girl out on a first date and they 'make whoopee'. According to a friend of mine... Both of those are one night stands and it's not a one night stand if they continue to see each other after the intial hookup, but it's a one night stand definitly if they go on a date and never talk to each other again...

I disagree and agree at the same time... I wouldn't call the 'date' scenario a one night stand per se, I would just say 'I smashed on the first night' or something classy like that...
What do y'all think?


The proposition

I can think of like 5 bloggers who are just nasty with digital media/
photo editing. I've got a picture and a idea and I'm hoping they'd
squeeze some of their creative juice on it. If you've got some free
time and can be bribed with itunes downloads, let me know

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