Andre gets hit by a police car

I hear the crunch and see the police car in my peripheral vision and I say "Are you fucking serious?"

My parked car was just sitting there and I just walked past the police car as he was backing up and as soon as I cleared the car I heard the sound of heavy objects colliding and I knew from where the sound came from it was my car that got hit.

The crazy thing was like 8 cars came for backup to just laugh at the rookie cop. I told him I wasn't gonna be a dick about it but since I knew that government insurance was paying for it, they were definitely gonna straighten me out.


Pillow talk

"Just imagine if we were married we wouldn't even wanna be all up on each other like that and sex would be the last thing on our minds, we would just be worried about going to bed, getting some sleep, getting up in the morning and going to work......
Are your eyes closed andre"

I hear some things people tell me and inside it makes me feel the complete opposite of the intended effect. This was most definitly one of those times. In my mind, things like that make marriage seem like a real ball and chain. 'Lisa's' parents slept in different rooms. One upstairs and one downstairs. When I am over there hanging out with her it is the wierdest shit I've ever seen, and she thought it was perfectly normal.

So I totally see why she thinks that relationships without physical intimacy are A-ok, being that I see it doesn't mean I like it. My friends tell me I need to plant a seed in my head that in one month, I'm not going to be with this girl. Anytime I feel like I've made the decision to not be with a girl, I see it as kind of shuffling the deck and drawing a new card. Not to sound douchish but I know that if I continue feeling like this I'm going to end up hurting this girl. I'm working nights at the club and meeting girls and not really following up for that exact reason. I don't want to hurt 'Lisa', but I'm not going to be in a situation where I'm unhappy.


Picture me rollin'

Aside from trying to make my insurance money do acrobatics after the crash, I bought a Prelude from auction. My heart raced when I raised my hands and took it with the winning bid. When I see my VW now, I see them as being ex's. I notice them but I feel like I'm happy with what I got and yeah, I miss it a little but, oh well...

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