When people would ask me if I was on twitter, my reply would always be.

"My life is too interesting for 140 characters or less."

I've been using it for the past week (via white iPhone 4)

and I have really came to like it. I can definitly see how people can immerse themselves in that world and lose relationships, friends and time. I felt the same way I felt when I first used myspace from hot or not. The learning curve wasn't steep at all and before long I was @'ing and #'ing all over the place. I've found while I'm at the lot it's a cool place to tweet and the girls that come into the club I valet at make it a whole lot more interesting.

I've been shooting with this Canon Rebel 35mm and the more I shoot the more I want to invest in some proper lenses for it. I've been shooting it digitally and the shots have been coming out pretty good.

School is back in season and I couldn't be happier. The campus I go to is only 3 miles away, which equates to a 16 minute ride on my road bike (the white one)

I'm using the bike to kick start my exercise regime because swimming season is right around the corner and I think I'm Mike Phelps, Greg Louganis!

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