What a difference a year makes

How true is that?

About one year ago I was...
-waiting for GTA4 to come out
-talking to Jaguar Paw like everyday
-sweating "jazzy girl" from my public speaking class
-sweating "puerto rican chica'' from my sociology class

I remember when I first started reading peoples weblogs, I would be like "I can't wait till I've been writing for a year!"

I would say four things made me start this weblog...

one. was reading "I hope they serve beer in hell" which is a book written by Tucker Max about his crazy booze filled sexual exploits and other zanyness. After finishing that I was like "Even though I don't get sloppy drunk like that and tear shit up, I get it in just as much as he does and my sexcapades are just as entertaining and sometimes even more comical."
After a few late night txt sessions and convos, it's about 2am I finally got her to come over after the club. My room is clean, my sexbox is ready to play baby making tunes at the pull of a trigger, condoms are cleverly hidden under the pillow and my roomate is asleep. I'm outside directing her how to get here when I see her come around the corner. I make small talk as I steer her to my room. Of course since she's tipsy, she's thirsty so I grab her a bottled water and come back and she's got her pants off and is in my bed already. So I'm like....

"This is fucking great"

So I hand her her water and take off my shorts, and since I wear boxers, she can see I'm rocked up. So I climb in my bed and ask her to lift her head up so I can get something..So naturally she wants to see what I'm getting. She sees the condom and looks at me like I'm crazy.

"uuhhhh what are you doing?"

Me: just making sure it's there...

"....there for what?"

Me: There for me to use!

"........On who?

Me: You?

"Nah I don't wanna do anything I just wanna go to sleep!"
Two....Me and Lloyd are in the club and instead of prowling the dance floor we just post up on the dance floor and see what we can see. I spot a sexy puerto rican looking chick dancing with her homegirl and without alerting Lloyd so he can get her friend, I do my 'signature ask for a dance move' and we dance the night away...It's closing time at the club and we're walking together to the parking lot. Of course me being a drunk gentleman, I ask the always classy...

"Can I walk you to your car"
Girl: You don't have to I'm parked across the street anyways...
"Good, cause I really don't wanna walk that far, but here let me get your number and I'll call you tommorow..."
Girl: *weird look* Ok...

So I'm riding tipsy in the passenger on the way back to base and I pull out my trusty sidekick and write this...

The club was in Jacksonville

and the puerto rican lookin girl was  actually half native american, and while it wasn't a whirlwind romance in the classical sense. There was most definitely something there those few days we spent with each other. I mean I'm a sailor "sailing from port to port, going from bed to bed and bar to bar" right? So it was all the more crazy that we get back to Virginia, and I fly back down and spend the week with her.

three...Moving into my place with 'mike' was something else. My room had my respectable collection of shoes, clothes and of course my albums and turntables. 
No TV. There was a big ass plasma tv in the living room that couldn't have the 'sexbox' hooked up cause "it would fuck up the tv". So I would basically be in my room phone boning while listening to albums. Which got pretty fucking boring, I mean I had a few girls coming through and stuff but it was that down time that was killing me, I mean there is only so much VH1 reality I can take. I'd have conversations with myself that went like
"I wanna go somewhere"
Me: Where
"I don't know...somewhere"
Me: and do what?
"I don't know something....something exiciting!
four....In about April of 2007, my ship went into drydock for major repairs... Imagine when a car get's serviced and lifted up on lifts, so you can walk under it. That's what my ship was on. Since a lot of the engine and shit like that was getting worked on, there was no drinkable water, no food (other than vending machines) and there was no Air Conditioning. . I mean my shop was like a fucking furnace. We had moved all of our computer equipment to a barge (floating workplace) which had computers and AC. A typical workday for me was to..
-Show up at like 6:15 for the 6:30 divisional meeting
-Go out and clean or at least look like it from 0730 to 0830
- From about 0900 to about 1200 I would sleep in my hot ass shop and listen to jazz music. I mean it was the kind of heat that you'd be sitting still and just feel the sweat forming on you. But I did get some good ass sleep in there though.
-After my daily nap, from about 12 till we got off at 1400 I would go over to the barge and get on the computers and do "training" which mostly involved ebay, getting my hypebeast on on different fashion forums, and of course MTO. But didn't the internet have something more to offer me?


Andre and the Leopard skin taint tickler

For the longest time I've asked my homegirl 'jen bear' to get me a road bike... So when she tells me to come over and I see a wicked ass new Bianchi (apparently these things are like Maseratti's of bicycles)
and a throwback '79 Schwinn racing bike.
I already knew what time it was and beggars can't really be picky. I took the '79 home later and rode the Bianchi around. That thing is like riding on a bike made of muffin. I don't know if it was the lightness of the bike or the leopard skin taint tickler seat, but that thing was smooth.
So I get the '79 home, put some new tires on it, and wiped of the dust and pollen and shit and I was ready to ride. "Jen Bear" came over and we rode, blazed and rode some more. I really think cycling is something I want to get into along with photography/roller skating/tantra but I'm gonna need to get one of those "perenium friendly seats" cause riding is around murder on the taint.



After wasting the past two weekends of my life training, I am now officially a YMCA Lifeguard. Being a waiter wasn't all I thought it would be, and I really felt myself being pulled into the bullshit and things at the restaurant, so hopefully this will be a welcome change until I'm a full time student.
I probably won't be planting any trees or flowers this earth day but I will go to piedmont park and just enjoy the great outdoors and copious amounts or reefer. It has been a very long time since I have indulged in one my three only vices, and it's like walking around the elementary school you used to go to or coming back to the house you grew up in. I mean I don't plan on becoming a reefer head but I mean when in rome right?


The late night tip

Things kind of have been happening really fast and I like it. I had my interview and blew it out of the water. I was all like "Conceptualized this to increase that" and "Directly supervised and delegated on a daily basis" this... So I'll see what happens on that.

I went to a training class this weekend at Agnes Scott College and it went very well.. But thats kind of where things stop going as planned...

I met a girl since I've been here. She's 20 and very cool, her voice sounds just like 'kelis', she DJ's at clubs around here, and she's very straightforward. I've been spending quite a bit of time with her and it's been very interesting. After she taught me the basics of blending and DJ'ing, we did the 'golden glide' skate thing and it got cut kinda short cause of the hail in this crazy ass georgia weather. So 'easter sunday' she stops by to bring me a plate and we talked and ate. So we're sitting there talking and we just started kissing and messing around, my shirts off and my hands are under her when she told me...

"I wanna go to your room"

I wanted to do it because.... I just wanted to do it, but I knew that it wasn't the right thing to really do because I don't want to jump up and down with her and then just lose interest in her non-sexual company and the fact that 'doin it' would really take it to "the next level". So I asked her...

Me: Are you sure?

"umm hmm"

So we go back to my room and she had them "powerful draws" (this song is just so bad but just saying "powerful draws" out loud when refering to good coochie makes me giggle.)

powerful draws - luney tunez

and I really put it down. So after afterwards came the pillow talk, which kinda had my head spinning...

DJ Chick: "It's crazy I mean all the stuff we have in common (her birthday is 3 days after mine,she DJ's and I produce(sometimes), and other stuff I can't think of) I really am glad I met you"

Me: I know right...

DJ Chick: "I really haven't opened my heart to to many guys, but I'm getting the feeling like you're someone I could open my heart to..."

I'm a good person I don't really wanna hurt anybody...you know?

The conversation continued down that path with her asking me straight questions and me giving ambiguous answers, her telling me about her douche ex, and how all her friends are in relationships except her, I mean just opening up...

So it's kind of late and her mom txts her asking if she's gonna come home, and she looks at me for the answer... Even though I know I'm probably setting myself up to be in a bad position, I said yes... So she spent the night which was real cool and we had 'morning delight', now she wants me to meet her mom and apparently "not many guys meet her mother"

Even though she's got that brita water filter juice, I'm not gonna let that make my mind up for me until I know for sure that's what I wanna do.It seems to me that she feels like the fifth wheel with her friends and I kinda wanna shame myself for being so cynical of her intentions, because part of me wants the BF/GF thing, but another part of me is saying
"You can do better!
Just remember you can always do you on the side...."



Whem I was in Atlantic City I went to Trump's casino and he's got this high end promenade of stores like a Louis store, Gucci store and an Andre store.


Marco Polo

I used to make fun of my dog Smitty for the exact thing I'm about to do. Smitty is 26 years old and he used to mess with a 19 year old chick. Me and Lloyd used to give him so much shit about it.

"This dude's biological clock is about to explode"
"He's gonna poke holes in the condom"
"What future can you really have with her, I mean you were a senior when she was in elementary school "(not exactly true but funny)

But that was mostly when it was me and Lloyd and Smitty and we were talking about these girls...But when it was just me and Smitty, we'd have serious talks about all sorts of shit and he'd be like "I don't know what it is about her, I just wanna be with her...plus there's nothing like 19 year old coochie!"

I'm only 23 not 26 and this chick is 20 not 19.

I just finished hanging out with her and it so crazy how blunt she is about what she wants "I feel like I could see myself with you" "I look forward to the time we're gonna spend" and "please... just don't hurt me... all I want is time and communication"
and I mean I feel like...

"She's cute, a scorpio, doesn't have any kids, she DJ's and she's all about some me... why not?"

For about 4 and 1/4 years strong, I've been trying to jump up and down with copious amounts of chicks, and the exceptional young ladies who I really wanted to be GF/ BF with, there was always something in the way like getting pregnant by some blow pop duck ass dude cause we aren't "together",lack of initiative on my part/her part, geography kept us apart and suprisingly, this blog. So why the fuck not, I mean it would be very regressive(?) if I just came back down to Atlanta and tried to make every night Valentine's day.
So IDK, could it be?
I'm just gonna play it by ear and try and stay up.


As we go on we remember...

I feel like the people I wanted to say goodbye to (even though I'm not a goodbye person I've said my peace to for the most part... From the tripod of my bros (Smitty, Lloyd and E)
and my best bro Arych, his wife Katie and their daughters Akayla and that other one, whatshername... I left out the back door with a lot of the girls who feel some kind of way about me because I feel like if you like somebody it's better to just disappear and leave them wondering than to hurt thier feelings by moving on and giving them closure. Before I leave though I do want to see my bro and ex roomate Mike, even though we only see eye to eye on a few things and he's as stubborn as a komodo dragon he's still a damn good friend. I hope to never forget Jaguar Paw, who I wanted to...have so bad. She was like a 'sprewell' to me during our whole 'flirtationship'and of course a congrats to 'Mari' who's getting engaged soon...Best Wishes!

With my bro's who we just kick it on the weekend, I know they'll survive, but I wish-wish-wish I would've kicked it with Loso tougher before I left though I mean this dude is silky smooth dude with these ladies who's a slightly more attractive version of me. He was Lloyd's bro for the longest, but I never really kicked it with him because I'm not the type of person who's anxious to make new friends, and when Lloyd would be singing dudes praise, I was all like "whatever"


I'm diggin Stacy Epps

I first heard this chick on 'eye' and my first thoughts were like 'damn this song is hot as shit and it's only like a minute long!' So I checked the chick singing on 'eye' out and found out her name is Stacy Epps and she's from Atlanta. She's got a single out with her spittin', called 'floating' which is tight as hell...her other song I like is 'deep' I mean her voice is kinda like...Erykah mixed with Corinne...but real hip like though...

Eye - Madvillain, Stacy Epps

Deep -


April Fools!!!

Is this still even a issue?

I mean I know hella black dudes who are like.. "Yeah I'd fuck a white/black chick but if I brought one home, it's a wrap!"

and alot of chicks I know are like

"I just can't see myself dating a white/black dude...uh uh" or the always diplomatic "I don't find them attractive"

Come on it's fucking 2009 almost 2010! Don't discriminate, ejaculate!

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