April Fools!!!

Is this still even a issue?

I mean I know hella black dudes who are like.. "Yeah I'd fuck a white/black chick but if I brought one home, it's a wrap!"

and alot of chicks I know are like

"I just can't see myself dating a white/black dude...uh uh" or the always diplomatic "I don't find them attractive"

Come on it's fucking 2009 almost 2010! Don't discriminate, ejaculate!


Nana said...

Too Funny. WTF is that man doing with all the curly Qs on his thighs UGH

Damn That white lady would def catch some Carpet burns

Need some Ointment LOL??!!!

Harley Buzzz said...

Hmmm. No comment.

Jaded said...

Yeah. I'm half black and I'm still kinda iffy on the whole situation lmao.

Andre said...

I make fun of it sometimes when it's real stereotypical (like buckwheat body and snow white) but I mean fuck it, you like what you like...

MDUBB said...

Ejaculate is one thing, but consummate with a white girl, just not my thing, even in 2009.

Video Vix[o]n said...

oh baby, LOL.

ain't that the truth. I should have known you were joking from the title from jump.

Don't discriminate, ejaculate... mantra for life.

interracial dating is mad cool. i give it the thumbs up.

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

you're so silly

~SpiFFSter ~ {SFC} said...

Lmao!....your page should def be reported for obscene photography lol....now-a-days black women are not looking for serious intelligent men....and thw white women have no problem being with one.... until black woman noticed that they are still single ....especially while pookie locked up and all! LMAO

justbrad said...

real thoughts. i feel torn about this issue, when i shouldn't. it's that strict nigerian upbringing instilled in me man. i've learned that you have to go with your heart as corny as that may sound.. but damn

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