After wasting the past two weekends of my life training, I am now officially a YMCA Lifeguard. Being a waiter wasn't all I thought it would be, and I really felt myself being pulled into the bullshit and things at the restaurant, so hopefully this will be a welcome change until I'm a full time student.
I probably won't be planting any trees or flowers this earth day but I will go to piedmont park and just enjoy the great outdoors and copious amounts or reefer. It has been a very long time since I have indulged in one my three only vices, and it's like walking around the elementary school you used to go to or coming back to the house you grew up in. I mean I don't plan on becoming a reefer head but I mean when in rome right?


Stew said...

do as the romans do...why not? the entire world is celebrating the wonderful plant known as cannabis. i dont smoke or anything, i just dont see anything wrong with it.

"everything is better with a bag of weed" - family guy

Sexual OCD said...

HAPPY 4/20 DAY. Damn I was going to say something else but I forgot

justbrad said...

thumbs up

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