The late night tip

Things kind of have been happening really fast and I like it. I had my interview and blew it out of the water. I was all like "Conceptualized this to increase that" and "Directly supervised and delegated on a daily basis" this... So I'll see what happens on that.

I went to a training class this weekend at Agnes Scott College and it went very well.. But thats kind of where things stop going as planned...

I met a girl since I've been here. She's 20 and very cool, her voice sounds just like 'kelis', she DJ's at clubs around here, and she's very straightforward. I've been spending quite a bit of time with her and it's been very interesting. After she taught me the basics of blending and DJ'ing, we did the 'golden glide' skate thing and it got cut kinda short cause of the hail in this crazy ass georgia weather. So 'easter sunday' she stops by to bring me a plate and we talked and ate. So we're sitting there talking and we just started kissing and messing around, my shirts off and my hands are under her when she told me...

"I wanna go to your room"

I wanted to do it because.... I just wanted to do it, but I knew that it wasn't the right thing to really do because I don't want to jump up and down with her and then just lose interest in her non-sexual company and the fact that 'doin it' would really take it to "the next level". So I asked her...

Me: Are you sure?

"umm hmm"

So we go back to my room and she had them "powerful draws" (this song is just so bad but just saying "powerful draws" out loud when refering to good coochie makes me giggle.)

powerful draws - luney tunez

and I really put it down. So after afterwards came the pillow talk, which kinda had my head spinning...

DJ Chick: "It's crazy I mean all the stuff we have in common (her birthday is 3 days after mine,she DJ's and I produce(sometimes), and other stuff I can't think of) I really am glad I met you"

Me: I know right...

DJ Chick: "I really haven't opened my heart to to many guys, but I'm getting the feeling like you're someone I could open my heart to..."

I'm a good person I don't really wanna hurt anybody...you know?

The conversation continued down that path with her asking me straight questions and me giving ambiguous answers, her telling me about her douche ex, and how all her friends are in relationships except her, I mean just opening up...

So it's kind of late and her mom txts her asking if she's gonna come home, and she looks at me for the answer... Even though I know I'm probably setting myself up to be in a bad position, I said yes... So she spent the night which was real cool and we had 'morning delight', now she wants me to meet her mom and apparently "not many guys meet her mother"

Even though she's got that brita water filter juice, I'm not gonna let that make my mind up for me until I know for sure that's what I wanna do.It seems to me that she feels like the fifth wheel with her friends and I kinda wanna shame myself for being so cynical of her intentions, because part of me wants the BF/GF thing, but another part of me is saying
"You can do better!
Just remember you can always do you on the side...."


Jaded said...

It seems to me that she feels like the fifth wheel with her friends and I kinda wanna shame myself for being so cynical of her intentionsHere's a thought...why don't you just say that to her? You know since everyone is being honest?

That said: generally people don't "kinda want to do the bf/gf thing" they're either open to it (ie. no pressure). Or they aren't (ie. you can always just do your thing on the side lol).

I guess my question is........don't you young people DATE before committing??? lol.

Lina said...

Brita water filter juice...lmao. Ill tell you like I told this guy I work with, just be easy for now and tell her to be easy too. Like Jaded said, yall should date...don't head straight for the commitment cause you got in them draws.

Jillian said...

wow..admire the complete honesty..then again it is your blog...in any case...

fact of the matter is she's made her intentions quite clear...so from this point forward, lol you can't play like "you didn't know"..

i completely agree that dating is healthy before jumping into that bf/gf role...but you should make that clear to her..your intentions...

don't do your own thing on the side lol...if you don't want to committ don't...

good luck with that...

have a GREAT weekend too!

~SpiFFSter ~ {SFC} said...

BE Careful!
It seems like she probably telling you want you want to hear...
"no guys see her mom"
"she doesn't really open to guys"
BE Careful MY DUDE!
That is my only advice... For real!

HB said...

this is what makes building a relationship hard, when it starts off physical it might fall off faster than it starts..

Nana said...


First off don't do the side thing. That's how Men make these evil bitter bitches that other men have to deal with when they're older. LOL

Well she laid the cards on the table.

If you don't decide, a decision will be made for you.
I say you should back off of her and get ya mind straight. Just some ALONE time.

Be Careful in any situation.

I don't think she's lying...She's only twenty, I'm twenty and whatever comes out my mouth is genuine cause I haven't been hurt by a man so my guards aren't up and I'm not scheming against a man, for what? Unless i'm some paranoid bitch who's mother made me a man hater LMAO.

Don't get warped by the powerful draws. Use the head on your neck. Good Luck LOL

Thank you for reading the sermon

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