Marco Polo

I used to make fun of my dog Smitty for the exact thing I'm about to do. Smitty is 26 years old and he used to mess with a 19 year old chick. Me and Lloyd used to give him so much shit about it.

"This dude's biological clock is about to explode"
"He's gonna poke holes in the condom"
"What future can you really have with her, I mean you were a senior when she was in elementary school "(not exactly true but funny)

But that was mostly when it was me and Lloyd and Smitty and we were talking about these girls...But when it was just me and Smitty, we'd have serious talks about all sorts of shit and he'd be like "I don't know what it is about her, I just wanna be with her...plus there's nothing like 19 year old coochie!"

I'm only 23 not 26 and this chick is 20 not 19.

I just finished hanging out with her and it so crazy how blunt she is about what she wants "I feel like I could see myself with you" "I look forward to the time we're gonna spend" and "please... just don't hurt me... all I want is time and communication"
and I mean I feel like...

"She's cute, a scorpio, doesn't have any kids, she DJ's and she's all about some me... why not?"

For about 4 and 1/4 years strong, I've been trying to jump up and down with copious amounts of chicks, and the exceptional young ladies who I really wanted to be GF/ BF with, there was always something in the way like getting pregnant by some blow pop duck ass dude cause we aren't "together",lack of initiative on my part/her part, geography kept us apart and suprisingly, this blog. So why the fuck not, I mean it would be very regressive(?) if I just came back down to Atlanta and tried to make every night Valentine's day.
So IDK, could it be?
I'm just gonna play it by ear and try and stay up.


Jaded said...

Yeah. Her honesty is hot. She sounds like the type of chick that if you fuck up...welp. Your fucked.

So you should try being as honest as she is. (not that you aren't...but none of that upper hand mess)

ps. I always feel like I'm older than everyone. Even though you and I are two years apart I feel like I'm at least ten years your senior.

~SpiFFSter ~ {SFC} said...

I say def go for it...
Young girls love older dudes... And older dudes dig younger chicks... the thing is...
Your age difference is not MAJOR at all... Its aight.. your friend..."the partial pedophile" is another story... But def see where it goes... GOOD LUCK BRO!

Stew said...

why not take the chance and jump in.

just remember that everyone has something to hide. just be sure that you can handle it when you find out what her secret is

Dope Fiend said...

i concur, jump in.

everyone needs someone to care for.
besides i wanna hear how this all progresses!

Video Vix[o]n said...

dude, if this young girl's on point, give it a chance, like that old lady said in "Coming to America."

never know til you try it out man. and her honestly makes shit 10x easier.

kmx. said...

Damn my dude I haven't been over here in a while! I miss your funny stories & ish but I'm baaaack =D

Anywho, well the age difference isn't bad. Her honesty is a major PLUS not many people, mainly females, out here like that these days; I think you should give it a shot. What's the worst that could happen?

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