Andre and the Leopard skin taint tickler

For the longest time I've asked my homegirl 'jen bear' to get me a road bike... So when she tells me to come over and I see a wicked ass new Bianchi (apparently these things are like Maseratti's of bicycles)
and a throwback '79 Schwinn racing bike.
I already knew what time it was and beggars can't really be picky. I took the '79 home later and rode the Bianchi around. That thing is like riding on a bike made of muffin. I don't know if it was the lightness of the bike or the leopard skin taint tickler seat, but that thing was smooth.
So I get the '79 home, put some new tires on it, and wiped of the dust and pollen and shit and I was ready to ride. "Jen Bear" came over and we rode, blazed and rode some more. I really think cycling is something I want to get into along with photography/roller skating/tantra but I'm gonna need to get one of those "perenium friendly seats" cause riding is around murder on the taint.


HB said...

lmao, hell yeah its murder! its cool looking though.
i need some new wheels for my bike before the summer starts! they've been broken for years and my dad doesn't listen to me when i ask him to get my new wheels for it :(

justbrad said...

good pick.. biking around the city will definitely change your overall perspective of your surroundings.. you notice things you fail to see while driving.. my friends and i take it to the next level and bike to clubs, parties, etc.. some will clown, that's a given.. but we still consistently ended up with girls wanting to come back, so that's where the bike locks and taxi-cabs came in..

Stew said...

riding bikes are pretty rough on your testes which takes a toll on your sperm count.

you should be sure to take good care of them

Gabi said...


I'm in the middle of giving my bike a paint job--"Exotic Purple" with leopard components!

All of the leopard seats I see are cruiser ones, but I need somethinga little more serious. Where can I find it?

Please email me at gsegal@hunter.cuny.edu


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