Welcome Back

Damn it feels good to be back but not good... I've been m.i.a. for about four months and I shop my ass off, get faded, x-rated and make it Mr. Nasty time you know? But due to circumstances I could've fully controlled, I can't so here I am... On stuck, It's kinda funny though cause I'm always telling people shit and giving them advice, but my own shits fucked up so where the hell do I get off? What type of dude am I? I always tell one dude I know "Yeah, you need to burn before you learn" but that's all me... Like take the situation I'm in now, I had it made, all I had to do was just walk this razorblade, well it wasn't even a razorblade it was like a damn highway and I fucked it all up... well not completely fucked up but I came super close to doing it.So what the fuck am I to do?



Here in Halifax a lot of crazy shit happened kinda... but I just walked to the top of this hil in downtown Halifax with a HB of my and we had a real ass talk.. About these women and how its like were gettin older every day and shit and were buying these hot threads and kicks and whatnot for what... when a duyde wearing some skee skop reeboks could pull the same chick man... so I don't know what I'm gonna do in the future regarding this but it damn sure made me thi


After a week, your future is bleak!

A real good friend of mine invented that slogan at the height of his game, and I was just in awe at how it was actually working... I mean this dude wasn't very conceited all the time but he just knew what he could do and what he couldn't do. Now I believe it is my turn to start utilizing this slogan, too many situations have happened recently to where I should've just cut it off but I tried to hold on and make something out of nothing.. NO MORE! It's keep it real 2007 and keep it real is just what I intend to do. So from this day forth. "After a week, your future is bleak

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