party everyday, live forever?

"If you spent as much time and focus in school as you did these girls and other shit you'd be done by now!"

But to tell the truth that's like the majority of my life... I kind of feel weirded out when on the rare occasions I'm on facebook because I see these chicks in their kente grad robes smiling like they're happy to be alive and holding up their bachelor of interior decorating/ psychology/ sociology/marketing/public relations/human resources degrees, and I feel like since I just recently got my associates , I'm behind the curve and shit. But fuck it, I mean I'm not in any race with anybody, we just chose different paths.

I got a letter that made me do some soul searching... well not really soul searching but just questions I'd have to ask myself, and it like left me flustered after I read it. It really was about being reminded of watching what you do, cause this world ain't that big.

''.....don't run through tons of girls
trying to do everything you can
before you turn 25.''

Sometimes people can really shoot arrows and hit the mark. I showed my homegirl and she was all about it for real. But even when I was very close to actually getting a 'party everyday, live forever' tattoo, 'this was feb' 2008 in jacksonville and I was in the shop ready to go'

I know you can't be trying snatch em if you're over a certain age, because dudes like that end of as dudes in the club looking like chaperons and shit in their suede kangol hats and matching velvets suits on, with white k swiss' on. That can't be me. and contrary to what my tattoo would've said, you can't party forever. But at the same time, I'm in no hurry to get married and waiting in the mean time would suck. I've said before marriage is like a ball and chain and I think that at my age there's no way I could find "that one television program to watch all my life"

Is that selfish?

This douchebag I knew from when I was just outta high school, rolls up to kick it and smoke in his scrubs and brags how he's a orderly...

Me: So you're a orderly?
Me: Like the fat boys in that movie?

and him and his fiance are doing this, and that and he can't wait to be married and have his kid, how it's the best thing that ever happened to him, yada yada yada I told him cool, but I like to think that he was full of shit. Among that he was just talking to hear himself speak, but he asked me where did I see myself at age 40 and I was like...

'Living in Barbados or maybe Cost Rica... retired, working on my novel that I've been working on for years, running errands around the island in a german car, eating good and just tending to my garden where I'm growing herbs and potent marijuana and...

Alexis: You're not gonna be married or have any kids?!?!
Me: *kanye shrug*


Say Bow

This event for roller skaters that brings people from everywhere was held at our facility and being that I'm kinda getting my skating skills up, I went there instead of Dragoncon... It was real cool people came down from like Ohio, Maryland, of course Chicago for 'labor day' weekend to hit the roller rink from 'atl'.

I saw a house I'm thinking about buying. I'm going to see the inside and meet the agent on Thursday. I talked to her and she seems a little bit 'too on the level' but I know she's just tryna sell a house. It's a very nice sized house, but I'm still looking because my ideal house is a 20 minute bike ride from little 5 points, which is a really cool part of town.

I went out to this club for a jamie foxx concert afterparty, and the line was stupid.
I told them "in situation's like this, there's four type's of people. People who don't stand in line, people who stand in line and don't say shit, people who stand in line and say shit and people who cut those last two."
So we cut these girls and we were inside in like 10 minutes.
It was super thick in there and the 7 to 1 female to male atlanta ratio was in full effect. Even though it's kinda the start of the new semester I kept feeling like it was gonna have a negative effect. But I didn't let it bring me down...Because I was dressed like a 'real estate' agent, I met a few girls and gave out my number. But I didn't have that intimate connection.
That T-Pain app is dope as shit...He really struck gold with this.


Cover it up

"White phones get dirty too easy, and when they get a little bit dirty they look all fucked up"

When the 'D Wade' sidekick came out I tried to talk my dog into getting it and that was his response. Turning my iphone on the other side I can really vouch for that. I mean I've had it for like a minute now and there's scrapes and all sorts of tomfoolery back there and as much as I hate cases on phones, I'm going to have to break down and get one. So far I've narrowed it down to two. But I'm really leaning towards the chocolate but I don't think they make them for 3G's... Any of y'all know of a case thats pretty good?

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