Cover it up

"White phones get dirty too easy, and when they get a little bit dirty they look all fucked up"

When the 'D Wade' sidekick came out I tried to talk my dog into getting it and that was his response. Turning my iphone on the other side I can really vouch for that. I mean I've had it for like a minute now and there's scrapes and all sorts of tomfoolery back there and as much as I hate cases on phones, I'm going to have to break down and get one. So far I've narrowed it down to two. But I'm really leaning towards the chocolate but I don't think they make them for 3G's... Any of y'all know of a case thats pretty good?


Anonymous said...

the second pic (Speck products)are good. I use that type of case for my ipod.

Demiera said...

Just don't get the stupid plastic click ones...I had one for my 3GS and hated it. The flexible skin ones are pretty cool and they get the job done.

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