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This event for roller skaters that brings people from everywhere was held at our facility and being that I'm kinda getting my skating skills up, I went there instead of Dragoncon... It was real cool people came down from like Ohio, Maryland, of course Chicago for 'labor day' weekend to hit the roller rink from 'atl'.

I saw a house I'm thinking about buying. I'm going to see the inside and meet the agent on Thursday. I talked to her and she seems a little bit 'too on the level' but I know she's just tryna sell a house. It's a very nice sized house, but I'm still looking because my ideal house is a 20 minute bike ride from little 5 points, which is a really cool part of town.

I went out to this club for a jamie foxx concert afterparty, and the line was stupid.
I told them "in situation's like this, there's four type's of people. People who don't stand in line, people who stand in line and don't say shit, people who stand in line and say shit and people who cut those last two."
So we cut these girls and we were inside in like 10 minutes.
It was super thick in there and the 7 to 1 female to male atlanta ratio was in full effect. Even though it's kinda the start of the new semester I kept feeling like it was gonna have a negative effect. But I didn't let it bring me down...Because I was dressed like a 'real estate' agent, I met a few girls and gave out my number. But I didn't have that intimate connection.
That T-Pain app is dope as shit...He really struck gold with this.

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~SpiFFSter ~ {SFC} said...

that house look spooky ( I guess cuz I am a city dude)
Idk.... I think you should reconsider.... unless you like the country..cuz that house look as if it is in the woods!... Owning a house is AWESOME THOUGH! good Luck!

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