He looks just like..

This is one of my lifeguards, aside from being a teenage hearthrob he
looks like?

What do y'all think of the header? I reached out to a couple people and this one was the bombest to me. It looks so KMX'ish or Bombs over Baghdadish with the over bright colors and stuff.

Andre has a girl/guy crush

Since I couldn't take the Trini chick with me to Barbados, I took the next best thing... She has the whole block of 'The Wire' either as a gift she got or she hit somebody up for it, either way when I'm over there chilling with her it's on my must watch list. She let me get season 4 for the trip and I honestly spent like 8 hours in a hammock marathoning 'the wire' and the more and more I see this girl 'snoop' the more attracted I am to her. Not just because I'm dark skinned and she's bright, or the fact that she may or may not be a lesbian. She's hella cute to me and I think her baltimore accent is sexy as hell! It might even be up there with my love of a 'new york girls thick ass accent'


Pic Tails pt.97

If I had to describe Barbados in three words, they would be OMG,ROX and Grrrreat.


On the road...

Leaving atlanta to hopefully arrive safe and sound in Barbados. Why I'm wearing gold hoops and a gold chain, I don't know.


Doing things just to do them

-"You're gonna get caught up over it and have that stupid ass look on your face!"
-Baptiste 2009

My boy Baptiste told me that a long time ago and I'm at work messing around with a coworker who just made 19, is ditsy as hell and runs her mouth about everything. I didn't think I'd have to tell her about discretion but she even told this other chick up there about our fooling around. In the long run though, I'm really not that stressed out about it.

Right now I'm preparing to go to Barbados. I was aching for a getaway and really hating myself for having to attend training when I could've left for Barbados. When the opportunity arose, I thought about the shit that would kinda be fucked up and how it'd be weird when I got back because I know the director would try and kumar me with a bunch of bullshit work and rosters. Then I just said fuck it. After sorting out my affairs and be leaving on sunday.

I'm gonna have to spin a tall tale at work though cause I mean this was pretty spur of the moment. Even though I love the single life times like this make me think 'some things are better with two people'


Back in my day....

I remember I was in about 8th grade when Backstreet Boys came out with "Everybody" and they had this crazy video on The Box where they were dancing and doing all sorts of stuff in this house or whatever. Then Nsync came out/exploded on the scene and shut the boy band game down. Well it was kinda taboo for a black dude to listen to Nsync around that time and just because I was a silly goose/class clown, for a gas I bought there cd and bumped it.

Fast forward about 10 years or so...

I'm playing Nsync at the Y and this lifeguard chick who's a 90's baby (that shit doesn't even sound right) is all like...

who is this???
Me: Nsync
*blank stare*
Me: Justin Timberlake's first group with hime Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, and somebody else?
*blank stare* nuh uhh you need to turn this crap off!

It didn't really hit me how much time has passed. I was talking with this counselor about when I was in school and shit and about how we didn't have txting, we had two way pagers, and we didn't have 'real music ringtones' just polyphonic tones that sounded like your favorite song.

But anyways the 4th snuck up on me real quick fast, I didn't even know it was this Saturday for truth...But Jen Bear won some tickets to see 311 and the Wailers, so I'm gonna go see them again and be on the hunt like bald eagles for a good 4th of July Plate, cause isn't that what it's really all about?

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