Doing things just to do them

-"You're gonna get caught up over it and have that stupid ass look on your face!"
-Baptiste 2009

My boy Baptiste told me that a long time ago and I'm at work messing around with a coworker who just made 19, is ditsy as hell and runs her mouth about everything. I didn't think I'd have to tell her about discretion but she even told this other chick up there about our fooling around. In the long run though, I'm really not that stressed out about it.

Right now I'm preparing to go to Barbados. I was aching for a getaway and really hating myself for having to attend training when I could've left for Barbados. When the opportunity arose, I thought about the shit that would kinda be fucked up and how it'd be weird when I got back because I know the director would try and kumar me with a bunch of bullshit work and rosters. Then I just said fuck it. After sorting out my affairs and be leaving on sunday.

I'm gonna have to spin a tall tale at work though cause I mean this was pretty spur of the moment. Even though I love the single life times like this make me think 'some things are better with two people'


Authentik.SupaFlai said...

i cant even read what you wrote, cause your skin is so flawless and dark. yum! lol

That Girl said...

gorgeous beach!

~SpiFFSter ~ {SFC} said...

actually it is better with either 2 ppl or a group of friends....look... you need a friend with benfits or a girl with doe that can hang...those are hard to find but when you find the diamond in the rough that can be a friend and homie then you got a right hand chick....and we not talking about girlfriend or jump off lol

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