Andre has a girl/guy crush

Since I couldn't take the Trini chick with me to Barbados, I took the next best thing... She has the whole block of 'The Wire' either as a gift she got or she hit somebody up for it, either way when I'm over there chilling with her it's on my must watch list. She let me get season 4 for the trip and I honestly spent like 8 hours in a hammock marathoning 'the wire' and the more and more I see this girl 'snoop' the more attracted I am to her. Not just because I'm dark skinned and she's bright, or the fact that she may or may not be a lesbian. She's hella cute to me and I think her baltimore accent is sexy as hell! It might even be up there with my love of a 'new york girls thick ass accent'

1 comment:

Bang Bang said...

LMAO All types of androgyny. Its cool though I like dudes like that too. They're sexy. Lovin' the Header. I'm mad you dont like my sneakers, LOL Ill get it rite for you next time

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