Let it burn

I got a txt from my boy Lloyd...

Lloyd: Guess what bro?
Me: You're gonna be a father!!! I knew that thing wasn't shooting blanks
Lloyd: No bro worse
When he txted me that, I was like OMG this man has that Lex Luger/'the package'/because that's the only thing I could think of that's worse than having a child, then I thought I know we're boys and everything... but why would he tell me that? and through a txt?!? So I was super curious...
Me: What's worse than that

I remember when I was in the navy I would get in trouble for all

sorts of dumb shit. I remember this one dude who I worked for told
"you think you can slick talk your way out of shit, and when you get in trouble you got that stupid ass look on your face"

I would hear that right as I was about to face the music and for the
most part it was true. I used to try to slick talk my way into and
out of lots of shit and I can imagine the stupid ass look on my face.

Right by my side most if the time was my road dog Lloyd. He was
right there with me either telling me not to do it, doing it with me
or in disbelief that I got away with it. Anyways, the times after
he got off lightly for some bullshit he'd go around talking about
how he's untouchable and other shit and I'd tell him...
"you're one of those dudes that's gotta burn before you learn"
It really sucks to be right... So now he's in trouble and it's over some shit we used to talk about too, about like how we couldn't imagine having to tell our parents that news...


wise words?

"It seems like finding a chick who's under 24 with no kids is like finding a unicorn!"


So what's been up?

I saw the blog and ain't know what to write...
I'm a loner. I really don't need the company of others but at the same time I don't want to be out of touch/the loop. That same loner mentality gets carried over into relationships. I'll have a girl I'm talking to I can kind of see how far we can really go.

But what's been up?

The chick that worked under me I used to fool around with, tried to play me to left in front of a audience and fuck around with me in private... fuck outta here!
Speaking of work I transfered to a new YMCA in the white part of town, I've got less responsibility but I still get paid the same. So yeah...

Speaking of responsibility, classes start soon and it feels like the 'summer of lurst' is officially over. All summer I was like preprogrammed to say...
"I'm glad to be out of the military so I can go to school full time!"
Now that shit is starting I'm like fuck that shit... I wanna sleep in late and do more party and bullshit!

Speaking of party and bullshit, I did just that at Central Station a club/pool hall/bar that I'm boycotting , when I saw this chick with big ass feet like the statue of liberty.
Speaking of liberty, even though it took hella long to get proof of my military service and get my bene's (benefits) started, I was able to get medical help and after taking a HIV/AIDS test, I have the liberty of knowing I am HIV/STD Negative! When I decided to go, I really wished I had a friend go with me but I remembered how well that worked for her...
then I thought hell naw. The waiting was the worst, I had that feeling like I was in trouble you know? But when I got the news I felt like :)

Speaking of beautiful women, a beautiful lady and her friend are coming down here from Kalamazoo this weekend. Now I can woo her on my home turf. The last time I saw them I almost got date raped and I puked all over the side of the expedition on the way home and told them I was 'calibrating my GPS'...
Not a good look at all...

and speaking of a good look, I had a 2g Iphone that had a screen that was cracked as shit and then I got a 3g and it is cooler...

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