So you're back in atlanta huh?

Im in Atlanta, my laptop is on deck with a solid internet connection, I'm gonna be going to Georgia State in the fall and I feel good.
I miss a lot of people that were close to me and even those that weren't that close to me but I liked alot. Since everything is eventual and this world isn't that big I'll just catch them on the flipside. I feel really positive about a lot of things, because it's kind of like I lost weight/baggage by the change of scenary. A lot of things are coming into perspective and I really want to sort and just be ready to expand, I've got an interview on the horizon and I'm nervous. I like to feel that If I tell people around me that I’m going to do it, then shit…I have to do it. I like the pressure it puts on. A lot of that is going on right about now. I know that I’m going to do it I just feel so on edge and off kilter because I’m so impatient and want it now!
In my quest to be "young fresh to death" I've got nothing but hot ass sneakers, polo boots and sport boots. I need a 'regular person shoe' but I still want to be me and not just another, so I really think chelsea boots are the way I'm going to go.
Jumping up and down/doin' it isn't my main priority I mean I'm not that lursty but it is on my mind. The last time I was home was new years and I spent it with my boy Lloyd and his two brothers. We ended up at the blue flame where I met young ralph and this cute ass girl named 'kim'.

She was there with her girls and it was all cool. We talked from there and shes 22ish has kids and talks real funny on the phone. Due to me only being home for a hot minute and her working and shit, the one time I went to see her we never could really 'kick it' like we were supposed to. I say all that to say I'm debating on whether or not to call her, but I most likely will....

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Jaded said...

yay @ being in school. You and Lena should meet up (the art of love and war blog). I think she might have went to GSU.

As for your interview. Just smile and nod. A lot. You'll do well.

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