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I got a chance to go to the High Museum with my bro Nick... It was kind of spur of the moment (I heard about those clay soliders and found an exhibit based on that 'brendan frasier movie the mummy 4')
This is the statue of 'ruth' I'm not a well versed on the bible as I should be, but I think ruth was the one who wiped Jesus' face and the cloth came away with his face or something... Anyways It's crazy how he manipulated the marble to get that appearance.

I love carved statues. I mean I think the detail and the artistry that went into the is mindblowing, I mean it actually blows my mind. But this statue is based on a greek woman Medea, who murders her children when she finds out about her husbands betrayal.

This is 'the pirate' by Norman Rockwell.

Don't remember by who but I did like it and I'm not even a fan of contemporary art.

'the madonna'

'la madonna'

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A.M. said...

nice. I see u gettin' ya culture on...iight iight! :)

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