Have you seen me?


A.M. said...

wait u lost them? No bueno homey. Better start lookin' in the bed, under the bed, in the covers, behind the bed...cause I'm having a feeling that's how u might of lost them....that's how I loose mine hehe.

Andre said...

I lost only one which kind of sucks even more than losing both, cause I went from being a no earring dude to a two earring dude and I don't think I can handle having just one earring. But I did lose it at this going away type party. I was sick when I found out i lost it, I asked the waitress and she basically told me to "charge it to the game"

x Ju.ju Bean x said...

Damn. That sucks. I lost one of my Chanel earrings while diving into the river. I had to buy a whole new pair. Smh.

This is the first time my allergies ever acted up like this. It sucks. Everytime I walked outside I started sneezing.

A.M. said...

charge it up to the game? Was she tryna get smacked...and to

ju Ju: why are u DIVING INTO THE RIVER with Chanels on luv...nooooo bueno lol

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