My Thoughts on NYC

I said it and I meant it....

The last time i went to NYC it was summer time and the girls were out and I was in uniform and the drinks were flowing (free of course) and it was all starbursts and skittles....

Fast forward to winter 2K09.....

I'm getting out of the Penn Station and as soon as I step out, NYC cold just disrespects/PWND/OWND my feeble winter coat....I mean Katt Williams was right about getting a jacket from there, cause that cold was a different breed! After going to Am Appy and picking some stuff out it was back out into the cold...Me and my bro Smitty were hungry and wanted diamonds but we settled for Ruby Tuesdays and while we were there getting drunk and people watching, we both made the decision that we could never move to NY.

1. People are so rude

2. It's so cold in the NYC

3. The only reason to leave the house would be for work and for "jumping up and down" and even then that would be on a case by case basis...

4. I don't smoke but /i felt my bros pain as he gave the cashier a $20 and got like 9 dollars in change, a lighter and a pack of Newports.

5. 22 dollars for a bottle of Absolute...Fuck outta here, I'd rather drink a placenta milkshake!

Maybe Im just a country bumpkin/suburb kid
but you can take that impersonal lifestyle back to "Fahrenheit 451/1984'' Don't get me wrong I love the fashion, style, culture, bustle, people, smells(?), sights and sounds. But I just can't support that cold weather!

As much as Red Bank, New Jersey sucks balls (haven't seen one black person OR attractive black women...I did see a few in Atlantic City though) I'll prolly be chillin there until we leave this armpit...


Anonymous said...

Damn Just Violated My City LOL

Yea Its Cold Out Here But You Obviously Need A Tour Guide To Show You How Much Fun You Could Have Out Here.... Nothing Beats NYC

A.M. said...

WORD andre, I'm with Velly
We are not rude, infact we can be some of the nicest people ever. We are just usually on a mission and want people, especially tourist to get out of our way.

Yes, it's cold...but damn...so what. It's NYC!!! what more can I say :)

Authentik.SupaFlai said...

ahhh Im so sorry you didnt like it much here. You didnt see what we really have to offer.

YES, most nyers are rude.

YES, its cold...its winter and global warming, our weather is all fucked.

Theres plenty of reasons to leave ya house in nyc...PLENTY just gotta know where u wanna go. sometimes u can just get up and go and still manage to find fun. specially when its warmer out.

Things are def expensive here in ny, specially cancer sticks. cause its a tourist hot spot everything is over priced.


theres def no place like nyc

Jaded said...

Man your posts are coming out further and further apart! lol. Anyway. I too am no big fan of NY...it's fun to go for a min. then proceed to real life.

That country bumpkin pic is hilarious!

Harley Buzzz said...

lmao at that song.. lmao lmao.
i love the city. even when its cold. (but i'm usually not there when its ridiculously freezing.)
and ha... those expensive cigs means= dont smoke.

Andre said...

I know y'all but I prolly just came at the wrong season! I'm just a tropical brotha... And yeah my post are further and furher apart, I cashed in my sidekick for a tmobile iPhone, and as much as I love the iPhone, I can only get on the Internet with a wifi connection.. But im not givin up on bloggin yet, ifeel like things are gonna be
More crazy

Jaded said...

How come? I have internet on my nokia (it's unlocked)...you just cant have the side kick internet...it's like 19.99 month for unlimited kb or 9.99 a month for 150 mb...some shit like that.

kmx. said...

Whaaaaat?! NY is the BEST!
Or maybe I'm just saying that because Bpt & ny share the same weather so I'm used to it.

Anonymous said...

Shoulda Been In NY Today It Was 70 Degrees Outside... Maybe You Wouldnt Hate NY As Much

Video Vix[o]n said...

i could only agree with 1 (thats could be anywhere though), 2 and maybe 3, but the rest is a case by case scenario. all depends on where you at.

If you in the city, hell yeah shits hella expensive. Thats just NYC for you. and that recession shit (the #1 excuse in America) don't rock either.

But all in all, you can't lie... there's no place like NYC.

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

1. People are so rude


btw cute country pic =)

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