The new tramp stamp?

While my homegirl's tattoo isn't a ridonkulous and this the above. I'm gonna go head and say that I believe 'behind the ear' tattoos are the new tramp stamp.' Not in the fact that they share the same connotation but in the fact that some girls will just flock to 'tramp stamps', 'thigh panthers', 'stars' and 'chinese lettering'.
What do y'all think?

I think unless you live a really, really, really, carefree lifestyle or you can retire by the time your tattoo heals/do tattoos yourself as a profession, it's not a good look...


hb said...

i think the lips were designed poorly.


PhlyyGirl said...

Ummmm....NO to most of those tats.
I have a behind the ear tattoo BUT
1. Its small(ish)
2. It's tasteful (in my opinion)
3. It can be covered completely by my hair (MOST IMPORTANT/NO RIHANNA CUTS FOR ME!!!)
I think hella large ass obvious ass tattoos in any profession are kinda tacky. Everything ain't gonna look cute when you turn 50....

jaded said...

Wow. Where on earth do people do that at??

When I was in high school, it was like THE THING to get thigh tats. Like right in the front of your thigh...you were supposed to get your name...well your last name. So MS. NoMore would have been mine.

Except. I always thought that it was ridiculous.

Once. I saw this girl with the state of california and a music sign tatted behind her ear...maybe it was texas. Can't rememeber.

Andre said...

I agree but I'd like to think it just has to heal a little bit....you know give her the benefit of the doubt.

I cme wait to see all these people with 'cool ass face/throat' tats in like 20 of 'em.

you know atlanta's where they do that at!

Last name on your thigh?!? I thought it was all about the panther clawing it's way up your thigh..lol

one of the worst tats I saw was this dude with M.O.B on his neck, I saw him a year later and he had a daughter.

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