Flipping the script huh?

I was about 22, and hanging really tough with a girl for a about 2 months and things just did like a 180 all of a sudden. I didn't know what to do because I didn't want to just stop messing around with her because she could be cool. So I decided to deal with her by using female tricks.

She noticed I was real friendly with a lot of other women, so she said something like,

"I notice you're friendly with a lot of females."

I said, "Of course. They're my friends."

"Your friends?"

"Yeah. I only have female friends because all my male friends were triflin."

Or I'd call her up and she'd answer and I'd say, "I'm bored." Just like women do to guys when they call us up at some random time of the day and expect me to stop everything to entertain her.

And if I didn't want sex I'd say, "I feel like all we ever do is fuck. You're just using me for sex, aren't you?" Or if she didn't answer her phone the next time I talked to her I'd say, "Why didn't you answer your phone? Probably with some other dude. I'm not just some herb you met on the street. I am an empowered black man.

Needless to say she was confused as fuck. We 'broke up' because of shit like that but I still laugh at some of the shit I pulled. Some of my buddies said I was acting like a dumbass, and yeah it was kind of petty but it felt good to add extra drama just so to get back at her. Women like to do this shit to men, so why can't men pull the same shit? Was I wrong for acting like that?

Anyways, fast forward to 2010 and who do I see walking in the sunglass hut I was in looking sexier than I remember her looking? The same girl. It's crazy to because last I saw her it was in virginia, and to see her down here in atlanta...

I told her it must be fate.


jaded said...

I think I'd get some strange satisfaction with dating a guy who did this. Mainly because it would provide me lots of fodder to talk to my friends and blog about...of course this would be contingent on me only liking him a little.

Things are ALWAYS funner when you don't like the other person that much.

Video Vix[o]n said...

wow, fate indeed man.

i think mad dudes do that (aka me), but i only do that to annoy the girl a lil. we usually go back and forth, just dicking around with each other, but we know the deal. i guess it's an even match...

"I'm not just some herb you met on the street. I am an empowered black man..." word. imma have to borrow that line, just cause...

Andre said...

Of course, dating someone you don't like THAT much is like getting thrown out of a club you got in free..

Use it well, and I love that back and forth, until it gets to THAT point and then it's like..."You know what..."

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