Last night was hella chill... I went over to my dog lloyd's house to ride with him to the club, cause I'm damn sure driving drunk anymore. It's by the grace of God I'm not dead or in jail, plus they knock heads off for that shit down here.. Anyways I'm over there and just chilling before we go out, and my boy's homeboy shawt shawt came over with his girl and her friend.Now they sit down and the couches are right acroos from each other seperated by a coffee table, and shawt's girl wearing a skirt and when I know how most girls might cross thier legs or sit to the side, I'm talking legs wide open for reals. So I peeped it out or whatever and just SMH... her friend sabrina is skinny as a rail has a damn 40 of Old English! I saw it and I said "the champagne of beers" So we're talking about everything like how shawt shawt lied to her about what he did when he met her and lloyd didn't tell her he was lying.. I personally feel like if a dude knows his homeboy is lying to hit a chick and he calls him out in front of the chick, what kinda nigga is he? Definatly not your homeboy I say...but the funniest shit was how shawt's girl was like lloyd you let him lie to me just so he could get some draws! What do you think I am?" so lloyd was like "no disrespect but when I first met y'all, y'all would come over with big ass 40's and shit, and if I didn't know y'all.. Shit I'd think you were hoodrats or whatever!" I swear I almost died laughin at that and what made it so bad is that Sabrina was taking a swig of OE while he was saying that, and then she said "we didn't always have beer lloyd, sometimes we had blunts" LMAO... Then we were talkin their friend lloyd played to the left cause she's 23 got five kids by three different dudes and is married to the one that's in jail and she's out doing her thing... and how a woman really can't raise a man and teach him all he really needs to know about shit, I mean it was just me and my mom and I came out good if I say so myself, but there was hella shit I learned for myself. I really couldn't see talkin' to my mom about these girls out here and whatnot. BUT trial and error is a pretty damn good teacher... So we were gettin pretty loud about it, then I was like "look at Tre and Doughboy, Tre had his dad raising him and he went to college or whatever and y'all know what happened to Doughboy!"
The club itself was pretty straight, Lloyd was on point that night and I was playing catch up but sometimes you're on and sometimes your not... but it was straight I can't even lie...

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Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

3 kids...3 different dudes...married to a jail bird?...that is one hell of a life style...oh and I remember those Nikes, I wanted those for my birthday last year...sh*t I still want em.

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