the decreaser

My boy nic used to always say "To be a millionaire all you needed was either an original idea everyday or a way to improve on something thats already out." I laughed then but it's hard as fuck to come up with a novel idea as it is (hamburger earmuffs) let alone on everyday? Sad to say nic isn't a millionaire but he plays golf and enjoys his life... But personally I think when your shoes look like that crease are the last thing you need to be worried about, but I can see the logic and genius in his design.



arychtexas said...

he made that? he'll make some cash people cant buy airforces with his hi gas prices! so they might need to keep them bo bos

Kandi Black said...

hmmm...i would buy it...i can't stand that crease that air force one's tend to get. or any other sneaker for that matter. ask him much it would cost...cuz real talk, i'd get several. lol

Eb the Celeb said...

Geinous... eve though I would never let my sneaks get that dirty... cuz with or without the creases they still look at hot mess... I do hate when my new ups crease and end up putting them in the box for at least a month with a sock or tissue or something in it trying to get it out

Andre said...

Oh nah LOL nic didn't make the decreasers but her did say that thing about an idea a day... and supposedly you have them in while you wear em.. But that's why I don't wear one's, I dt know "how to walk in em"

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