Tonight I’ll be hitting up a little housewarming party for my boy Rich, even though he’s been living there for like 4 months! I’m not trippin about it though, people I work with and clown with will be there and it’ll be real cool just to come through and chill and get my eat and drink on. I had wanted to bring Emily the chick from the club, but after a talk we had on the phone last night IDK… As much as I want to kick it with her I know I damn sure I don’t really want what she wants. I asked her scraight up what she was lookin for and she said “she doesn’t want anybody to be a father to her son cause he’ll always have one, but she wants a man her son can look up to.” I can understand and feel her but I’m not that dude and I’m not gonna play that role just to jump up and down with her! So she hit me with the same question, I said “I honestly don’t know what I looking for, But I think I’ll know it when I find it…” Which even as I said it sounded like some bullshit, and she caught on and was like “So you’re just gonna keeping cycling through random girls ‘till you find it huh?” But anyways Puerto Rican chick will be coming with and I told her to make some chili con carne or something exotic or else NO food = No Eat LOL


K. Denise said...

technically youre not bullshittin cuz she got it. & the no food/no eat should always apply lol.

Eb the Celeb said...

Chili con carne is exotic?

lol @ you saying you will know when you find it being bullshit...

I thought it was kinda sweet.. but i guess its all in the tone

Andre said...

My tone was sincere but the bullshit being that I was really saying "I can't be the man you want to be, I just wanna have fun and do me because I'm young and invincible!" or something to that effect.

Yeah it's not at all huh, but you know what I mean.. Right?

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