More fire!

Just some pick ups.. Sade is a beast, I mean I've been on lovers rock of course, but damn... and the Santana album I bought is off the yazabah for reals. I had no idea Usher was singing on that Poetic Justice soundtrack, I saw a album called "Call me a mack" with him lookin young as hell. But when I first moved to Georgia, my mom stayed in Sandy Springs which is kinda like where "new new" lived in ATL... I was going to Woodland elementary and I remember this kid that stayed in my complex giving us these tapes of his brother or cousin he stayed with "Usher". I can't think of the song name but it was before My way.... Who woulda thunk it?


Lina said...

I have that Sade album...its real good for when you want to relax. I just let it play through.

Melody.Darlene said...

ummm... will u marry me??!!!


THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. said...

my mom used to play Sade on our old record player. i think those Saturday and Sunday mornings really helped mold my love for real music.


K. Denise said...

Oh shit! I remember Call Me A Mack! Wit the yellow Versace lol.

Judy D. said...

u have great taste in music

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