Music and me

I really feel like I've reached a plateau of sorts when it comes to my music production.... I mean of course my beats go hard and of course they really help out mediocre flows but when it comes to just redefining the nihilistic-crunk rap genre I really don't think I'm the man to do it.. Of course I don't have the bitches or the money.. Yet. But of course I don't really do it for that even though its just perks of the job, I make beats because I feel great after listening to a beat I made and I still love when people ask me do I go to a studio and I tell them nah I do it all over my laptop from vocals to samples to all that..... Let me stop tooting my horn here but so far I've got a bout 6 hot joints that I can see getting played at house parties and fucking some dudes shit up. You know when you got some disgruntled niggas listening to some crunk ass shit you got a problem on your hands... Anyway thats just how I feel about my music...

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