Let Go

I was wearing my favorite shirt as worn by 'the karrie b'.....

I honestly don't wear it for social reform or to support the 'positive contributions of illegal immigrants in the United States' I just like the shirt because I think it's cool. But at the same time I'm very well versed on immigration reform and the whole social dynamics of it. I was just leaving the YMCA when this older white lady stopped me and said to me "what does your shirt mean?"

I told her and then she went on to ask me if I believed it was fair for immigrants who did things the right way, or families who lost jobs to an immigrant. Now that 'fair' and 'american jobs shit' really pisses me off like no other! So I told her in the scheme of things globally with many many human rights violations going on right now; is that really a major concern. We went from talking about immigrants, to the war on terror, to wome being abused under the cruelty of Islam, (another very touchy subject for me, cause how is your white surburbanite ass gonna tell me that you going over there 'and converting the heathens' is gonna make their situation better?) and finally to God. She proceeded to tell me how her marriage was on the rocks due to all sorts of stuff, and how she used to be out there and found peace in God.
When some people talk about their faith, I can feel the conviction in their body language and it makes me feel a certain way inside.... like I should really just stop sinning and planning to commit sins, ask for forgiveness and dedicate my life to the Lord. Normally the feeling last about an hour after I have been around the person with whom I had the conversation with but now I'm very conscious of what I do. I mean I don't do alot of bad things per se, I actually walk the razorblade. But sometimes my intentions aren't always the best.

She asked me why couldn't I let things go... as far as the sins I was holding onto, why I couldn't do without them? I didn't have an answer for her.

On a whole other note I recently came in to about $9,000 and I haven't really fucked it up like I want too, I'm actually kind of scared too. My birthday is 5 days away and I don't really wanna do shit!

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Video Vix[o]n said...

you don't know how much it urks me to her the same ol' "illegal-aliens-stealing-U.S.-job" speec, because a majority of those immigrating to this country are taking the job opportunities most Americans would never take and with the percentage of Latinos (the racial majority of these "immigrants") growing in population is the south-west region of the US, people are going to have no choice but to incorporate these "aliens" into the occupational atmosphere... but im just saying...

and that is a dope shirt... KB makes it looks sexy, no doubt...

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