Would you?

After making easy payments of xx.99 for her 'historical commemorative Obama plates' I believe my mom would disown me if I came around her house with this propaganda apparel on. But in all honesty I would wear this shirt.
I rarely speak about politics with certain people because if they were to find out I voted for Mccain because it would've benefited me personally, I might get tarred and or feathered!

also Happy Thanksgiving!

Because I spent a lot of my childhood growing up in London, Thanksgiving was never really that big of a deal for me. I tell people that now and they look at me like I'm a fucking terrorist. Instead of trying to come up on a plate, I'm going to volunteer at a shelter. I've been running my mouth about atonement and now it's time to really see if I'm about what I be talkin' bout.

What are y'all doing for turkey day?

-Oh yeah, my replacement screen and digitizer is still in the packaging looking at me, I'm so scared to undertake it. I mean it's one thing to look at videos on vimeo/youtube/aol video and be like...

"man I could do that shit!"

and it's another to actually power off your iPhone and take that shit apart. I will tuck my nuts and nike it though, watch and see!


Dope Fiend said...

I had to google thanksgiving yesterday...is it like christmas dinner or something?

Video Vix[o]n said...

@Dope fiend: lol @ googling thanksgiving dinner

that anti-Obama shirt is kinda hot... id rock it on the low, on some non-political ish... but thanksgiving these days is really what you make of it...

and about repairing your iBaby by ways of Youtube DIY vids... may the force be with you on that Luke ...

Jaded said...

I think the shirt is cool but I wouldn't wear it because I dont believe the message it's sending.

Let me know how the screen fix turns out

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