Too scary for halloween?

I originally intended on staying in for 'halloween' but I thought to myself,
"How many days of the year can I go out dressed like a fucking psychopath and no one will bat an eyelash at me?"

With that I pulled myself away from the 'sexbox 360' and started making calls. Now I wasn't short on ideas for masks, in 2003/2004 when I was a pretty big 'slipknot' fan, I made a series of masks based on the drummer 'Joey Jordisons' mask.
Plus I had a mask I bought on my 18th birthday....
It was Novemeber 4th 2003 and I woke up and had all these itchy ass sores all over my chest, arms and face and it scared the shit out of me. I'm sitting there days away from my 18th birthday like...

'What the fuck can this be? Am I dying? Do I have a STD or something? Why didn't I pay attention in health?'

So I go to good old CDC.org and look up my symptoms, and I come to the conclusion that I must have either ; warts, hives, agent orange, shingles or that 'Tom Hanks'. So I tell my mom that I'm dying and we go to the doctor and he comes back and tells me it's chicken pox!
My joy quickly turned to anger at my mother because it's her fault for not letting me go to sleep overs and shit so now I've gotta hang out with this mask on my face to cover up the pox marks and shit, and I'll have chicken pox on my 18th birthday!
I decided I would go with the white mask on the left, but I thought "how can I spice this up because I'm gonna be wearing normal clothes and I don't wanna look stupid/like I tried too hard/like I didn't try enough." I had some mascara in my trunk so I headed to the bathroom to hook myself up. I originally was just gonna write 'book' on my face. Or dress metro as hell and use the mascara to put scars on my face and say I was 'seal'. Or blow the dust off of my Navy uniform and go as my celeb look alike, 'Antwone Fisher'
Surprisingly 'facebook' needed too much explanation, so I just started on my lips and before I knew it my whole face was done.

Leaving the house I had no idea what I would tell people I was... I finally settled on 'fresh to death'.

But in my quest to find a happy medium between not trying to hard and looking cool, I made the same mistake as 'Cady'. I was too fucking scary.


Jaded said...

Why'd you have mascara in your trunk lol? That machete looks scary!!! You did a good job.

Andre said...

Thats a good question Jaded, a very good question...

Video Vix[o]n said...

@ Jaded... there are just some questions we should leave alone, lol.

and for a last minute costume, it was dope... some blood would have sealed the deal, but it worked out...

and too scary? no such thing... that's a self-esteem thing... lol

hb said...

but yeah... those masks were a bit creepy :/

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