Sweet music to my ears

I just downloaded it... and it is great... It's essentially the same GTA 4 I got at a midnight release, but it's so not. I mean the cars, characters and music and most importantly the story are different and they intersect with the the whole story line. I mean you can dance in the clubs and if girls like your dancing enough, they'll take you in the bathroom and have sex with you (just like in real life)

I've been playing for about 1:31 minutes and my addiction level is 'Happy Hour'. So with the first of many, many, many hours ahead of me.....
My final concensus is I give it...
I give it 3 out of 3 fried fish (this is the first video game ever reviewed to receive 3 fried fishes.)

I'm gonna turn off my iphone, well probably not turn it off but just viciously screen calls and geek out alllll weekend.

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