Paranormal activity

I'm gonna go ahead and say it... This is the scariest movie I have ever seen in theaters in my life. I acidentally headbutted 'monica'
it made me jump so bad, and I love that feeling of going to see a 'scary' movie and actually being scared. Every scene was intense and it didn't have any cheesy ass special effects, the title is exactly what it is about.
what it is.

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~SpiFFSter ~ {SFC} said...

My roommate said he cried 7x.... He saw it 3 times.... he stil does not know what happened at the end.... I love scary movies, but every critic is making me re-think seeing this!

Mz. Common Sense said...

I dunno if you saw my blogpost about it...but that movie ROCKED...I got to see it before all the hype and chatter, since I went before it was released in all theaters..but I'd still recommend it to anyone. Any movie good enough to make grown men have nightmares and admit it is a good movie in my book...

Authentik.SupaFlai said...

i still havent seen it. but i am determined to go see it this weekend

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