Random acts of kindness

After spending time in the morning preparing to go on a date I got stood up for, I headed a little closer into Atlanta in like the 'highlands' area and just spent the saturday afternoon riding the the bike trails that go through the park. So I stop in Ragarama and on my way out I see this girl trying to parallel park this big ass escalade in a space. While her friend is giving her terrible assistance backing in. Now the space wasn't that that tight, she really didn't know what the fuck she was doing. I'm walking past this to my car thinking "She's out here and can't drive her boyfriend or daddies big ass SUV..." So cute directing friend flags me down and is all like

'can you help us park this car?'
Me: You can get it in there.... you just gotta like parallel park it....

I'm looking at the driver and she's looking at me like 'don't wreck my shit', so I give her a big smile and say... 'I'm like that guy in the transporter'

So I get behind the wheel of that big ass truck and I'm making small talk with the driver and trying to keep it cool while her friend is out there not really helping at all with directing and getting used to the fact that this escalade ain't my jetta.
Shooting the shit with the driver while I was driving her dad's truck was like 'laughing through a graveyard' but when I did get it in there....
I hopped out of that thing feeling like that dude for reals. I started to shoot at the cute director friend because I could kind of tell there was a mutual attraction or whatever and after finding out a little about 'cammy', I told her to take my number and give me a shout.

I remember when I was a lursty ass dude young smooth casanova, I was only about getting numbers and thought that a girl asking for yours was a complete blow off. (although it damn sure can be!) I finally realized that it cut out the wrong number games,the 'he's just not that into you' bullshit and the pressure of having to be really money and wait to call...


Jaded said...

hahhaha. Lol. People do this for me all the time. In my jaguar. In my ford focus rental. I just cant parallell park...hell I cant even spell that shit. Good thing it wasn't on my drivers test!

Who had a camera though?

Andre said...

I'm no beast at parallel parking but as a man it is a pretty crucial skill to have...no fancy shmancy camera just iPhone. They asked this random hipster to take our picture and he wouldn't shut up about how cool my iPhone chocolate case was.

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