Pic Tails pt.37 1/3

I was in the market for running shoes when I came across these. I'm not really a big running fan because I think riding a bike is better but they do look cool and I do like to wear them.
Speaking of riding... I upgraded my road bike to a new hipster friendly 'fixie'. It's so light and cool looking and when I get some free time on my hands, I want to give it a ice cream paint job.

By my actions it's hard to believe that I try to be a somewhat righteous person. Well maybe not righteous, but I try to do right by people, because karma comes back around. One thing that even to this day baffled me was that even though I do some pretty bad things, God continues to bless me. I really feel like good things are happening to a bad person....

'If you sin and ask forgiveness you will be forgiven, no matter what'

I hear that and that's like no incentive to change my ways, not that I really need any or that my 'ways' are that bad. But it ties along with the one of the few things that keeps me out of church. I don't want to be a hypocrite, and be in church talking about being saved and a solider for Christ on sunday morning. When just six hours ago I was in the club doin' whatever... But I guess that probably would be better than Pastor Pillow and Deacon Comforter I commune with every sunday
I saw this a thrift store and I don't even remember what it's supposed to say?

I got the chance to see Erykah Badu and Ricky Smiley. I had made up my mind a long time ago that I wanted to go but I almost missed out on my chance to see her. She put on an amazing show at the 'Atlanta civic center' and it's was my first ever concert in a 'theater' setting. So Erykah's on stage and there are two women behind me drunk as skunks saying shit like...

"I wanna hear Honey....is this honey???.....she needs to do honey!"

"The bands not even playing, that machine she has on stage (MPC5000) plays everything, they're only on stage for looks"

"Since when did black people get so persnickety??? They don't want me to stand up and have a good time when I paid my money for these tickets!"

For the first half of Erykah's performance, people were seated with just a few people standing up. Erykah Badu sees it and is like '
damn if I woulda known people couldn't stand up and party I wouldn't of played here!'
My date for the evening 'monica' went dressed as 'nicki minaj'
I went to underground atlanta and I was walking with this chick 'kira', so this woman runs up on us and is like
"OMG who did your hair *looks at me* let me guess you right?"
Andre: .....Yeah....sure....
"I knew it so what did you use and.....''

When I first saw her hair, I thought... "mediatakeout.com..."
Since my birthday is coming up again, I decided to start on my wishlist early. I originally wanted to get some tortoise shell wayfarers, but when I tried them on, my face was waaaay too big for them. Plus they really don't suit my face like I assumed they would.

So the night finally comes and I go with 'elaine' to the party.

So we pull up and I see not one but two pink caddy's and I'm like "Damn, they brought the heavy hitters out here!"

So we go in and these glammed up ladies look at us like we're from the planet X, but we see one of our handlers and she tells us to head on back.
Going deeper into the Mary Kay compound, there's like a classroom with all these chicks in front of a mirror type contraption with all various milks and honey's for your face. After being like 30 minutes late and making a scene as the only guy in the room, I take a seat near this cute girl with a baby face and a body like amazing grace.

"Mary Kay is recession proof, think about it... people will cut out alot of stuff but they still wanna look good. Am I right?"
Listening to the spiel about Mary Kay my handler put on, it's easy to see the allure of it. Selling shit people really don't need but they will pay for cause it's nice to have. But thats the same allure the weed/dope game has. You get someone under you selling shit and come up off their come up's, and they get someone under them and before you know it you're in a paid for Toyota Camry/Pink Cadillac.

So after exfoliating and rehydrating my lips, I adjust my personal mirror real smooth like so I can get a better look at the girl behind me and we make eye contact.
I'm a firm believer in 'dancing with who brung ya' and I love what me and 'elaine' have but at the same time, we're just friends. So me and this chick talk all through the presentation through my mirror about how she wants to go and hates this shit, so I tell her "You can't leave without taking my number"
I really enjoy spending time with 'elaine'
My guitar...Every time I look at it I shudder to think I was about to sell it.


A.M. said...

glad to see life is still treating u well and ur still having lots of fun. & whyyyy do people do that shit to themselves...what is w/ homegirls hair mannn

Andre said...

For sure life hasn't been the best, but it's much improved.... and I mean there's doing it and then there's doing it too much and she did it too much!

Video Vix[o]n said...

@G-O-D: io believe the same thing... i don't want to be that Sunday morning hypocrite... lately i've been hearing the word from "Pastor Pillow and Deacon Comforter," as well, lol.

lmao @ the vid... her hair was OD and i just knew you had to get a booty shot and the end... it couldn't be any other way...

aww, those Mary Kays pimpettes with their pink caddies always boggle me... that must be MAD Mary Kay they selling... crazy. and of course, even at an event like this, you exit the building with digits... kudos to you my good man...

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