Blowing it... It really sucks

Right now it's 1:17 and she just left... Going over the recap of the night in my head...It's like watching the dude in 'I love you man'...(if you haven't seen it click here the dude is just so fucking awkward.) Well maybe I wasn't that awkward, but shit. When people tell me stories like this the first thing I do is shake my head and be like "Damn man why didn't you just ________ "(insert smooth shit).

I mean why the fuck did we leave my house at 12:50 to go get a milkshake? Am I addicted to them? Do I have to have them? Why did I suggest we leave my warm house, brave the cold, for a fucking milkshake! So what the movie ended abruptly, that should've been a plus.. All I had to say was what do you want to do now? (or something like that) Why the fuck can't I say the things I think of now, when I should of said them?

"I'm so glad I don't have class in the morning"
Me: So you can get a early jump on the day right?
"Yeah right..."

Aside from being the only one to blame... Well not really, I mean I'm always talking about how girls should make the first move and all this shit, and I know you like me, so it's kind of your fault too! I mean you could of just torpedoed my agenda but you didn't.

The worst part of blowing it to me is the 'what ifs'. What if you didn't bumrush her out of your house to get milkshakes you didn't even get? But if if was a fifth we'd all be drunk right?
The other worst part is what she's gonna tell her friends, not that I care what they think but shit, I don't wanna be any variation of 'Let me tell you about this nigga here...' unless it's related to jumping up and down or doing something very cool/brave/sexually noteworthy.

One part of me is like 'you're a cool dude, y'all had a good time, the conversation was good, y'all laughed, enjoyed a movie and ended the night. Heck, you guys even made plans to go to frightfest! Not every girl wants to have sex after hanging out and she probably respects you even more because you're a gentleman and not tryna zoom a zoom zoom in her boom boom. You don't have to take your clothes off, to have a good time. Remember?

The other part is like "You're never gonna see her again. Will she even take your calls/txts or give you the eternal runaround?" Plans to go to frightfest? It's gonna be you, her and whatever guy she's seeing. Good conversation? That was you talking your way in, and right back out of the coochie. She came over with no draws, tells you she doesn't have class in the morning AND when she was getting in her car sighing with disappointment, She gave you a side hug and told you...
"Maybe we'll do this some other time"
Me: I'll see you then, or I'll see you on another time..."

First off you quoted a movie she hasn't seen...FAIL So what she told you translates to:
"Leave me the fuck alone you 'friend zone bastard', I look like Monica and smell like old people and you could've been all up in this! But since you can make me laugh and you know about fashion and stuff, you can either be my BFF or 'that guy who I only call to tell my guy problems to!"
You gotta read between the lines! We don't have to take our clothes off to have a good time? GTFOH

Damn I blew it.
I fucking blew it... What do y'all think happens next.


Lina said...

My guess is that she'll try again. Most women who don't get fucked when they're basically giving the drawls away, want to try again or know why. If she tries either option, you still got time to go in for the kill. Unless you don't want to, cause we know you like a bit of a challenge...:-)

Mz. Common Sense said...

Don't come down too hard on yourself...you're still a smooth dude...

And Lina's right...if she wanted the up and down and didn't get it she'll try again. And that's when you brush yourself off and get it in!!

Jaded said...

She'll tell her friends about your awkward meeting. They'll laugh, one will say hahahaah! how cute! he was nervous (even though it doesn't sound like you were). Then she'll call you. Like...later on tonight.

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