I Wanna Be Your Dog - Iggy Pop & The Stooges

Many things make this a great song.. The heaviness and the lo-fi-ness of the guitar or how the piano stabs and sleighbells really complete the song much like the cowbell on "Don't fear the reaper". But what really draws me to the song is the lyrics... now I'm not gonna front like I've been fuckin with the stooges forever, but I heard this song on GTA:IV and had to download it..On first listen I thought dude wants to just dog some hoes out... then after I downloaded it I realized I was wrong as fuck... I think she wants him to want her so much, he'd do anything to just be around her and he's alright with that... I say all that to say this... I call the jazzy girl last night and some dude answers..."wrong number dog" and hangs up. Now for 1. I know damn well it's chicks number because of her Keyshia Cole ringback tone. And 2. she's wack as hell to let some duck ass dude answer her phone? So like 30 minutes later she calls me and is like "hey" and I mean her voice is so throaty and sexy. I kinda wanted to charge her up about dude but, for what? So she's like that was my sons father when you called before and we got into an argument about him not wanting me to bring dudes around his son...(I invited her to a cookout with my "god daughter") and your timing was just real bad.. he says he wants to be a part of me and my sons life. So I wanna ask what's on the tip of my toungue but I don't wanna hear the answer.. But I ask it anyway, I refuse to just not know... "you mean he wants to get back with you or whatever huh?" *pause* "it's complicated and not really that simple" The only thing I really can say to that is "oh yeah?" and she says how she likes me and doesn't really know, because she'll always love him... and all I really hear from that point is Charlie Brown teacher... I tell her "I mean you gotta do what you gotta do you know and I hope things go your way and I'll just catch you laters" I mean she looks good, damn good and she's cool, but I'm not a fuckin bologna sandwich and I'm damn sure not gonna be her dog.

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