My Buellers

They're in... Is what the email I got from Sole Brother said.. Me and my roommate shot over there and they look even sexier in person. I debated whether or not to put the animal print laces in there, and polled a few friends and decided to go with them.. I also picked up a Fuct tee, if you're not on Fuct check em out.. The shirt I got is super sweet,I just don't have anything to go with it yet. But I stopped at Commonwealth too because it's just right there, I'm still not too crazy about BBC jeans, they just feel so cheap I mean I'm not gonna spend $270 dollars on jeans that feel like paper. My Shmack jeans have a nice weight to them, and even my Levi's jeans have some heft to them. But even though I know the quality isn't that great, I still want the dog on my dick... But nothing in Commonwealth really caught my eye except these pink and black Reebok Pumps, i should've taken a pic cause I can't find them hoes on the net...But I might go back and snatch 'em up for the summer who knows?

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